Dec 31, 2011

~ happy new year

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. Why set myself up for failure? However, eating healthier is something that always seems to be on my mental list, and the thought resonates louder and with more intensity about this time of year. I know the benefits associated with eating healthier would blow me away, but I still find it a constant battle. 
What better way to bring in the new year than a trip to the Farmers Market? I did just that in Winter Park, FL while visiting my folks over the holiday.

Who knew vegetables could be so beautiful and inspiring?

Oh, there were flowers too...

But I couldn't stay away from the produce!

The mosaic possibilities were obvious almost immediately as I was snapping away at the stands...

Happy New Year!
May you have the best of luck with your resolutions this year.
(More Winter Park posts coming!)
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Dec 27, 2011

~ jan de vliegher

I am in awe of Jan de Vliegher, a Belgian artist featured on Belgian Pearls this September. Greet is from Belgium herself, and conducted an interview with Jan. (here) These paintings are just spectacular! I can't find a single one I don't like... See for yourself...

The following images are from Belgian Pearls post (here)

The following images are from Venice Projects (here)

The following images are from Angelika Knapper Gallery (here)

I'd like to find out where those plate collections are housed... the paintings are fabulous, but from the looks of the plates, I'm guessing the shop is equally awesome!
Greet also shared a fascinating video of Jan at work... I wish he spoke English! Regardless, it is magical to watch him create! (here)
Many of you are probably followers of Belgian Pearls... Greet is just darling! But I couldn't resist sharing these charming paintings for fear of anyone missing the beauty! 

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Dec 22, 2011

~ rousset antiques

As I said in my Trace Mayer post, (hereThe Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show really put me in the mood for updating my decor! I was in comfortable mode. Everything was fine, but when you are inspired, really inspired, things start to stand out that didn't bother before. My kitchen chairs for instance. There's nothing particularly wrong with my kitchen chairs. They just aren't very french country and they aren't antiques. This little realization sent me straight to 1st Dibs, the greatest website in the world. (I may have used that phrase before.)

So here are some of the options I found for new kitchen chairs:

My favorites were from Rousset Antiques...

I was not only in love with the legs and the wood color, but I fell in love with this charming fabric! I wasn't convinced the fabric would work in my family room/kitchen, but I loved it so much, I think it played a role in my decision. Plus my love for Kathy Rousset Alexander! We hit it off quickly... Wait until you see the magazine her home is featured in!
But first, take a look at some of the stunners Rousset Antiques has to offer! 

Let's start with this 18th C Venetian Secretaire... really spectacular!

 LOVE these pillows with French Ecclesiastic Fragments...

 I wanted this pair of Italian painted candelabras. A lot. They are 32.5" high! I just couldn't figure out anywhere to put them.

Oh my goodness, I'm dying over this piece of furniture. Is this not the most beautiful couch you've ever seen in all your life? Well, you'll never guess what... IT'S IN KATHY'S LIVING ROOM! You'll see it in the magazine...

Just beauteous.

Can you say fancy Crystal Chandelier? Magnificent, isn't it?
 On to the magazine....

Antique Shops & Designers is a delightful magazine full of exquisite home interiors, home decorating, and design. Kathy Rousset Alexander's home just happened to be on the current cover, and I can see why ~ it's full of gorgeous antiques!

Take a look at these amazing images...

Here is a pitiful scanning of Kathy's gorgeous living room which is stunning in the magazine... I tried meshing the two images together on Picnik, but they didn't match up. Here they are side by side... and there's the back of the couch!

You can view more of Kathy's gorgeous home, much better quality images, and also previous editions of the magazine online HERE

(Kathy's home is featured on pages 58-67 of Volume 7)

The chairs have arrived and are awesome as expected, and as wonderful as that fabric is, it's not the best option for my space, and I definitely don't like the plain cream backs.

Not to worry... with the help of aforementioned Richard White, we've chosen some charming replacements... The small print is a Vervain (Charles Faudree) and will go on the side of the chair, between the nailheads. The buffalo check will go on the back... and that gorgeous print on the front is a Brunschwig and Fils. I'm thinking this charming combination will result in the cutest darn chairs I've ever seen.

I'm also going to use the Vervain acorn print on cushions with ties for a few chairs I already own to pull up as needed...

I love mixing chairs... especially in the kitchen!
Have some updating to do? Visit Rousset Antiques and get the ball rolling!

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