Jan 14, 2011

~ a little inspiration...

I tend to become obsessed with things.  Call it inspiration or crazy town, I am in my element when I find something especially beautiful.  Finally, I have found a productive way to share my obsessions, organize my thoughts, and satisfy my craving for beautiful things!

I have recently been re-inspired by a 2008 Napa trip...

This trip was altogether inspiring, but Swanson Vineyards was definitely a highlight...

I fell in love with this color!  And everything else in the room...

The paintings are by Ira Yeager,  and the mantle...   Obsessed!
My favorite!

The bathroom(!) with another whimsical Ira Yeager painting.

Love the blue cabinet with the red interior!

So charming...

Sometimes, especially when it is below zero outside and a speck of color can not be seen, we must search deep inside ourselves to be inspired...  or pull out photos from a fabulous trip to Napa!

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Anonymous said...

Jan I am thrilled to find the first post you did on such a lovely place. Living in Cape Town visiting wineyards are a weekly pastime and I love seeing this. Thank you and it was a great post for your first one!!! Honoroued to leave a first comment as well.
Your blog is wonderful and as a new blogger I thorougly enjoyit.