Feb 26, 2011

~ new chandelier... or old?

I have been fantasizing about getting a chandelier for my living room ever since we moved in over ten years ago.  I saw this spectacular chandelier, designed by Leo Dowell, on Cote de Texas almost 2 years ago and it began the deliberately slow process of acquiring a new chandelier.  This is too big and fancy for my house, but I just love it and what it does for the room.
Here, another exquisite example of a beautiful chandelier... another fantasy for my living room.

This Charles Faudree living room is similar to mine, except it's much fancier and ginormous. Mine is much more rustic, ok it's not that similar, but it's helpful to see this style of chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling with the cedar beams.  I love how it's hung low and fills the empty space.  

Love this chandelier with the darker paint... and the barometer, the basket with moss, the candlesticks... so French... casual and elegant.

Another beauty...

So, I have several options and I'm getting closer to decision making time... Two options are from Tara Shaw.  Thank goodness for Tara Shaw!  



Since both Tara Shaw chandeliers can be ordered, I was able to quiet my yearning with the knowledge that when I'm ready to order, the chandelier will be available, there are two sizes and the prices are reasonable.  

I received an email from an antique dealer recently advertising their newest shipment from France.  Another beautiful chandelier choice- and the price is right at $1800.  I do have to wonder if some of their pieces are truly antiques.  I don't really care with this kind of a price tag. .. but I do wonder...


I promptly visited the website to see what else they had to offer me.  That's how I found this one... stunning, I know.  However, I am a tad worried about the size- it's big... and it comes with a bigger price at $2760, but looks every penny worth.


and this one... so charming and nicely priced $1800.


Then it was back to the drawing board as I became re-obsessed with the search for the chandelier.  I remembered this beauty from Aiden Gray...  Again,  I was reassured that I would surely be able to find a
new chandelier that looks like an old chandelier, and for a decent price.  ... no worries... plenty of options...


and this one is at Shades of Light for $1595... another option...


I remember building our house years ago and seeing a wonderfully old, crusty, Italian chandelier with yummy green paint and tassles.... not unlike what I'm looking at now.  However, the price set it apart at a staggering $20,000!  I crossed that off my wish list and moved right on.  I am all about getting the real deal on many things, but when a chandelier looks this good, I'll take the bargain!  

I have a handful of options representing new and old, and a nice range in size and price.  My last option comes from Dallas.  My sister-in-law came across what she described as exactly what I've been looking for.  She put me in touch with the seller and I'm waiting for pictures, measurements and details.  The price is so right at $1185 and it comes in different finishes including a dirty gold and brown which absolutely sounds like my cup of tea.   

STAY TUNED....  for pictures of my living room space calling to me in desperation to be filled with a hanging thing of beauty; as well as updates on the last chandelier option.  I seriously think this special event, when it happens, will transform the room.  It will make us feel like we've finally moved in...  we will wonder how we lived without it... and I will feel satisfied and at peace with my home.... again.

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Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

I LOVE all these options!!! I am currently scouring the world for a similar chandelier for my dining room. Can't wait to see what you choose :)

lynnvaughn said...

I love those lightbulbs! I didn't know you could buy anything like that. Their website is neat and their prices are good. Thanks for the info.

lynnvaughn said...

Love the lightbulbs! Thanks for the info.

Leo Dowell said...

Hi you had asked about the chandelier in the dining room photo from Cote De Texas. I designed the chandelier on a scrap of paper on one of the alleys at the famed Paris flea market. A dealer there had a warehouse full of vintage Venetian wood tassels. I asked if I sketched a chandelier could he fabricate it. And here it is.
I did the conceptual designs for the Chateau Lyon show here and supplied most of the European building materials.
Leo Dowell Interiors

Leo Dowell said...