Mar 2, 2011

~ chandelier update

I am still waiting for the information about the Dallas chandelier... 
In the mean time here are a few others I have come across... 

From 1st Dibs, Candace Barnes... this one is so simple and perfect except it's old and comes with an old price tag... $11,700... not an option for me.

This beauty is from Antique and Art Exchange, also on 1st Dibs... price tag $6,950... 

This one is a new favorite.  It's a reproduction and is more expensive than some of the other choices I've been considering, but I think it has a lot more personality... I would even consider adding some goopy, mustard and brown paint to dirty it up a bit... $3900
Plus, the dripping candles are already in, it's electrified and ready to go... love it!  (Also from 1st Dibs)

And this one from Boxwood Home looks just like the one from Shades of Light...  reasonably priced at $1450.

Last night my husband walked into my office which is his office  and saw the myriad of chandelier photos with scribbled notes and prices strewn across the desk. He observed quietly and then repeated his standard line, "We need to save."  I, facing the computer with him safely behind me, silently mouthed the words, mocking him...  He uses this line when I am shopping, when he is shopping, when we are talking, when we are walking, or at any random time when he thinks I might be thinking about making a purchase of any kind.  I adore the man but have to admit it's a little annoying when I am tirelessly and diligently trying to locate and purchase the perfect chandelier!  I am not sure there is a human who enjoys saving as much as this man....  Suze Orman?!

Stay tuned as the chandelier saga continues...

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