Mar 15, 2011

~ the grocery store

Just back in town and the grocery store was among the many things on my to do list today.  However, I got a little distracted in the flower department!  

Tulips are always on the list... they brighten any room!

Tulips and those beautiful green hydrangeas... (I think that's what they are) 
After the flower extravaganza, I had very little room left in my cart.  I did manage to get some fruit.
And this adorable carrot...
And this little thing which I promptly added moss to upon returning home... perfect for the patio.

For any of you still interested in the chandelier project, I will have an update tomorrow.  The first Inspired Home post will be shortly after that. 
Now I have to go back to the grocery store to get food!

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Shirley said...

Ha-HA--love your grocery store distractions!