Mar 19, 2011

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What an absolutely charming Inspired Home!  Kelly has a flair for the french and fabulous without a doubt.  What a treat to see her beautiful inspiration in every room... and a surprise bonus... seeing her beautiful daughter!

I am overcome with excitement when I enter Kelly's home... it's easy to see that this photo shoot will be a successful one.

I've admired Kelly's collection of Mauricio Lasansky of Iowa City for years ~ I remember admiring a handful of these unique pieces at least twenty years ago when she was doing PK Designs shows for our daughters.  This collection has absolutely developed into quite an extensive and impressive one.  I believe it's safe to say that Mauricio Lasansky is represented in almost every room in the house.
Here are some examples...

This photo draws us into the dining room... a real show stopper. The incredible backyard and patio are appreciated through the beautiful bay window and french doors.  (more later about her Inspired Garden coming this summer)
This Goldsmith Philadelphia piano has been a fixture in Kelly's home for years and dates to 1857.  This wonderful collectible piece with a story was inherited from a family friend.  

 Love the silver tea service... it belonged to the same friend the piano came from... In fact, most of the dining room furniture came from her estate sale!
 Is this dining room not brilliant?

Love, LOVE the cherub lamps, and the silver, beautifully polished and displayed throughout... The built-in cabinet above houses extra wide drawers for storing tablecloths (to accommodate minimal folding, duh) and the appropriately silver-cloth lined walk in closet behind the door is a dream for an avid silver collector such as Kelly... complete with shelves and slots for trays.

Beautiful vignettes are everywhere!

Kelly obviously has an eye for french finds.  She has added to her collection by way of estate sales, antique shops, and has inherited family heirlooms from both sides of the family tree.

Love this chair!

Take a gander at this living room ~ definitely my favorite room in the house...


 Beautiful window treatment..
 Love this coffee table and everything on it...
 The wine bottle is a candle!
 Every detail is exquisite...
This is where I began to realize my dear friend Kelly is a pampered little woman... (and when I say little, I say it with a smidgen of jealousy, and am referring to her teen-like figure!) Check out this personal space!  No wonder she's always dressed to a T and in a marvelous mood.... surrounded by this kind of luxury... who knew?

Upstairs... more special finds abound...
Only Kelly would have this fabulously French double caned chair in her son's room as a desk chair... I wouldn't allow either of my sons anywhere near this chair!  I imagine she found it, had to have it, and consequently had to find a place for it... it's wonderful!

 So disappointing that thanks to the gorgeous sunshine pouring through the windows, a couple of these photos of Kelly's precious daughter's room were dark... I am including them anyway to show the wonderful space and charming placement of furniture.

There's the beautiful color!  I adore this wallpaper and the settee and armoire...
 and the chandelier and the bed!

 and this painting with an example of the PK Designs clothing I spoke of earlier.

 One of my favorite things about Kelly...
Can I please tell you that Kelly has a special closet to store her gowns...  I mean, how many people do you know who are in need of a special closet for gown storage?  Reminds me of the movie 27 Dresses!  Love it.

I couldn't be happier about this first edition of Inspired Home.  Kelly was and is a very gracious hostess, and inspires friends and visitors with her charm and flair for french formal.  Her lovely french home is formal but certainly not stuffy, much like she is... an accomplished hostess, experienced entertainer and capable volunteer, yet totally relaxed with an infectious wit putting those around her at ease in an instant.  I am thrilled to call her my friend and thank her for agreeing to be my first guest.  She has been a great support during these first weeks/months of sharing my blog, and I truly appreciate her friendship and encouragement.
I couldn't stop snapping photos as I was leaving.. I assure you, the Inspired Garden series due this summer will not be complete without Kelly's backyard!  Anyone who is a friend of Kelly knows that in this family, July 4th is a holiday celebrated with a distinct passion and exceptional enthusiasm.  Each year, summer brings  red impatiens and twinkle lights that invite and welcome visitors into a quaint and festive backyard, a lush wooded retreat not unlike a resort. I look forward to my next visit, always.

 Thank you Kelly!
Mary Carter has been Kelly's designer for decades.
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wow! beautiful furniture. The black headboard with the floral, love....