Mar 29, 2011

~ mackenzie-childs

I love MacKenzie-Childs, LOVE!  I first became obsessed with the fish series back when Victoria and Richard were running the show.  I was just married and wanted the fish chairs for my kitchen table, the knobs for my kitchen cabinets, the dishes, the ceramic tea pot, and the list goes on... I opted for a few smaller pieces including these trivets and the fish knob which I transferred from my old kitchen to my new laundry room.  It was just the beginning...

Many of my first M-C pieces were pastel in color which were perfect in my first kitchen.  As my taste evolved, my daughter's room inherited a few pieces including this tassel hanging on her lamp.

 One of my favorite collections is now discontinued and I'm thrilled to have 16 of these plates.  Christmas shopping for me was easy for a few years.

Another favorite of mine is the Maclachlan series, named after the father of a college friend of mine.  (Hi Bissy!)

Mackenzie-Childs pieces make great gifts.  I love the check teapot or platter for a housewarming gift.  The fluted heart plate is also a great gift idea. I can't resist the coasters...

I received this little vase as a birthday gift one year filled with flowers. It's actually a finial.

 And then came the Courtly Check obsession...
(Hello Pretty Pink Tulips)

 The poppy napkin rings are also MacKenzie-Childs.  

(Tucker got a little hungry during the M-C photo shoot)

Most of my Courtly Check pieces are metal which are quite affordable.  I received this ceramic ruffled platter as a gift and adore it. I use it for anything from asparagus or sliced tenderloin to chocolate covered strawberries or cookies.  
 My mom got me this awesome tree for Christmas this year~ what a work of art and a beautiful addition to my kitchen.  I couldn't bear to put it away after the holidays... so I didn't. Each one is completely different.  I loved this one because it looks like a teapot!  
Don't miss the salt and pepper shakers.

 I took off the hot pink bow that came on this vase and added my own. 

The Omaha Symphony Guild has organized a lunch and presentation this week ~Table Art 2011~ and Mark Bergadon is the speaker.  He is the current Director of Sales at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York. This event inspired me to look through my own MacKenzie-Childs collection. I am looking forward to the presentation and plan to share inspiring ideas following the event.

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rochambeau said...

Hi Jan,
I've added you to my blogroll!
Especially like the plates and your sweet Tucker!


Nancy said...

Hello, I am new here! Came over from The Polo House...(i think)...I'm just a bit giddy from all the beautiful posts that I have been enjoying!
Love all your colors! I'm always excited to find someone that love to decorate with color! Nancy

Karena said...

Jan when I saw your button on Mackenzie Childs I had to come and look at your fabulous collection!!

I am in awe!!

Art by Karena