Mar 6, 2011

~ spring green & yellow

The first day of Spring isn't officially until March 20th, but I am ready for it.  I have re-organized my closet with fleeces and coats pushed to the side, and boots stowed in their boxes and stacked in the corner... I have Spring fever!  
Unfortunately, it's 30 degrees and dismal outside... grey and brown the only evident colors without even a hint of blue in the sky.  I can hardly wait for the bright and refreshing green tones on trees and shrubs in the Spring.  
I have zoomed in on greens and yellows inside as I impatiently wait for warmer weather and the colors of Spring outside...

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David & Dianne said...

Your innate appreciation of beauty and eye to detail are quite evident--reminds me of my daughter. Looking forward to more!!

The French Tangerine said...

Thanks MOM!!

Makavetis said...

I noticed you like art and thought you might like my new art blog.. i post a new famous painting daily, thanks =)

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, much beauty here!!! I'm so thrilled you stopped by and led me to you!

Those yellow tulips made me smile...loving that green pottery, too.

My grandparents had a citrus orchard and I used to love going out and plucking a tangerine from the tree to eat!!!

Happy Thursday from your newest follower!
~ Elizabeth

pve design said...

Now I love your collection of colorful greens!
So pretty!