Apr 30, 2011

~ bummer

When I saw this button a couple months ago, I couldn't click it fast enough to sign up!  

Unfortunately, I was presented with this annoying message...

Thank you for your interest in Blogfest 2011.  We are currently at capacity and will be accepting names for a waiting list. 

What a bummer! If anyone has a suggestion, a ticket, a connection or an idea that will get me in to this fun-filled event, LET ME KNOW!  

* New inspired home coming this week!  

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Apr 29, 2011

~ pve design

When I entered the blog world a couple months ago, I quickly became aware of the powerful presence and universal love of pve design.  I realized that if I wanted to be somebody in this blog world, pve design could help.  After all, she has done work for some of my favorite blogs, Pretty Pink Tulips, All the Best, and Mrs. Blandings...  The wonderful and genius Patricia Van Esche, aka pve design, is becoming somewhat of a household name. Am I ever happy that I was smart enough to enlist Patricia to do an illustration for the french tangerine!  Here's my favorite... is this charming or what? 
Here are her illustrations for mentioned famous bloggers...
I am so utterly impressed with Patricia.  I have had the pleasure of working with her this past month and have so appreciated her patience with me.  I am pretty detail oriented and obsessive, and basically kind of annoying when it comes to critiquing things art or design-related.  Most recently, this obsessive quality has revealed itself as I work my way through any and all design plans for the french tangerine.
So, after receiving the monogram I ordered from Patricia, I totally loved it and was thrilled, etc.  But upon further examination, or what you might call intense scrutiny, I had a suggestion or two for changes...  Now, I must tell you, after working on my blog design for the past month, I was not thinking about the fact that Patricia's designs are hand-done... she can't just make a little change to the original as in computer land.. add a leaf here, tweak a color there... She would have to redo the entire work of art.  Well, after several emails, and Patricia's expertise and clever move, (doing a little background check on me through my blog) she came up with the most exquisite works of art EVER for the french tangerineI am chomping at the bit for the art to arrive and am planning on and looking forward to stationary galore!  

Take a look at these additional enchanting and sa-weet illustrations...

  She is so smart!  What a collection of notecards I will have! 

Here are some more examples of her work...

What a talented and wonderful person!  I am totally impressed and obsessed.  If you would like to do something special for someone, or treat yourself, think about having Patricia of pve design do an illustration of your home, a pet, a special place or event, a monogram, a memorable vacation spot, or anything you love!  I can assure you it will be an experience you will enjoy and there will be a happy ending! To visit the pve design website, click HERE.  To visit the blog, click HERE.  To visit the Etsy Shop, click HERE.

Thank you Patricia!  
I think the world of you!

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Apr 28, 2011

~ pink grapefruit and golden yellow

Aren't these colors lovely together? Pink grapefruit walls are a surprising backdrop for this golden yellow couch... 

I think I could make a pretty post on just about any color combination... I'm an orange and green girl in my house, but am loving this venue to enjoy tons of other color combos I love! What's your favorite color combination?

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Apr 26, 2011

~ the chosen chandelier

A chandelier has been chosen!  If you are unfamiliar with the chandelier story, four posts will describe the search (so far) and you can catch up by reading HERE, HEREHERE and HERE
The chandelier is being wired, and will arrive in June which should give me ample time to prepare my husband for this little surprise. 
In the mean time, let's reacquaint ourselves with the empty space above the coffee table....
 Serious blankness, right?  This space is just begging for a beautiful chandelier!  Now, just imagine the space filled with this!  

Many considerations went into this decision:
  • I was a little nervous about adding another chandelier in such close proximity to the chandeliers in the entry and the dining room... but I think this one works because the shape, color and texture don't compete with the other two.  Each chandelier is so different, yet they have a similar feel and will blend nicely.
  • The chandelier will be hung from the center wood beam. (There are three sets of beams all together.) This will put the chandelier just over the coffee table, in the center of the room.  With cathedral ceilings, even with the beams, there is a lot of open empty space. The addition of the chandelier will fill some of that empty space and give this room a warmer, cozier feeling.
  • The chandelier will provide additional lighting to the room.  The few lamps I have in the living room don't provide much light, and I didn't want to cover the cathedral ceiling with ugly cans!  There are only four small cans in the little alcoves with windows. This room gets a bit dark on gloomy days and this new lighting source will be a welcome addition.
  • Getting electricity to this center beam will be tricky, and I will post the process... it should make for an interesting activity. I have a plan and it must work!

The chandelier comes from Antiquaire located in Highland Park, IL. Melissa Edelman offers exquisite European antiques primarily from France (my fav) as well as Italy, Spain, Sweden and England.  In addition, Antiquaire is featured on 1st Dibs, and has a wonderful online shop as well... thank goodness! Melissa has been extremely helpful and I am so happy I found her!  
Visit the online shop HERE.

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Apr 25, 2011

~ new hampshire

A visit to New Hampshire over the weekend allows me to share this post with photos of New England homes and other historic structures. The towns of New Hampton, Exeter, and Portsmouth are each charming and full of history.  
If the photos appear cold and cloudy, it's because it was cold and cloudy! It was ridiculously cold for the lacrosse game on Saturday (35 degrees).. and after an inch of snow fell that morning, the steady rain was a welcome change... I think it's fair to say the weather was miserable! 
Thank goodness, the days on either side were considerably warmer and dry.  We so enjoyed the history, the scenery, seeing old friends and spending time together... a wonderful family weekend.

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Apr 22, 2011

~ robin's egg blue

Tis the season...

This happens to be the favorite kitchen (no surprise) of Erin's... (House of Turquoise

The living room photos are from Phoebe Howard... love the beautiful chandelier...   Oh, and the chosen chandelier in my chandelier saga will be revealed next week...

A clever way to share a special Easter message: 
A hand written note on an egg.

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