Apr 15, 2011

~ beautifriday

Come Friday, I like to ready the house for the weekend.  Preparation must take place if relaxing is to happen.  Just a little sprucing up does wonders... Freshening up plants and flowers brings color and life and Spring inside!
So, here are this Friday's results... (thanks to Thursday's errands)

Loving the Maidenhair Fern ~ especially with those orange tulips with yellow tips.

Ivy and Kalanche plants are often on the list. 
Poor Tucker is being patient.  He is waiting to go for a walk.
Have a Happy Weekend! 

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

How very fresh and appealing this all appears. Your tulips do look very pretty, particularly placed alongside the green of the fern. Yes, it is a really good feeling to have most of the week's chores completed before the start of the weekend.

Have a very happy and restful time.

Anonymous said...

Love your display of books and it sure looks like you have a great selection there. Tucker is adorable! I am a big dog lover... got two little guys of my own. xo