Apr 13, 2011

~ beguiling barometers

The first barometer I remember noticing was in a magazine article featuring Laura Pearce of Atlanta.  She had a barometer on the mantle in her bedroom.  It was so charming and I immediately put it on my wish list for antique shopping.  That was over ten years ago.  I have recently discovered barometers with more color than I remember seeing in years past.... and charming shapes.  Each barometer shown here is from 1st Dibs... the greatest website in the world.
Take a look at this gorgeous robins egg blue. I love the octagon shapes!
More interesting shapes... with orange.

I have never seen one quite like this one... I would be happy to put this right on the mantle in my living room.  
Isn't the black handsome?  More traditional, exquisite... 
And another octagon in red.

I am always attracted to color and I love the octagon shape, but for the intended space, I was looking for a more traditional, french look like this one.

Cote de Texas featured several photos of barometers in her Top Ten Design Elements which you can view HERE.  I've included a few...

 This one belongs to Cote de Texas.  It looks very similar to mine and she got it at 1st Dibs!
 I love this square one... It reminds me of the one I saw in Laura Pearce's home.

  From the moment my drapery was hung in my dining room, I envisioned a barometer just like this one.  After all these years, I found this one right here in Omaha at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show last September. I can see it from my kitchen and from my living room and it makes such a remarkable change in the feel of my home.  

It is one of my favorite things.

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Until now, we had never really considered barometers as decorative features to be, possibly, collected and placed around the house. This most interesting and stylish post has corrected that view!

We thought your own, sited in the drawing room where it can be seen from several places, to be most attractive.

Discovered by chance, we are signing up as Followers in order to keep in touch!

French Basketeer.com said...

I love your barometer, and I'm coveting a few octagonal barometers in France. One of these days!