Apr 14, 2011

~ a gift for you...

Visit Karen Appleton's Website and Blog, and give yourself a beautiful gift... or two. Presents are her specialty!  This pink and green package ensures me that Spring is in fact here.  What a collection of beautiful gifts she has to offer... and inspiration too.  Pink and green has inspired me as long as I can remember... especially in the Spring and Summer months!
Have you received the Olive & Cocoa catalog?  Beautiful floral arrangements are served up in a wood box.  I love these pink peonies and bright chartreuse cabbage roses!  You can order this arrangement, "Emmeline" HERE.

Pink and Green presents + Pink and Green flowers = 
Pink and Green party!

Pink + Green + Orange = Even better

What's this? Another Karen Appleton Present?!
Click on this Pretty Pink Present to see Karen's new paintings.
Please, no thank-you notes necessary...
Have a wonderful Thursday!

(Photos from Pinterest unless labeled)

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Acquired Objects said...

Karen's paintings are wonderful and make a person smile. I love all the color on your site, so beautiful.

The French Tangerine said...

AO~ I absolutely love those presents.. I'm trying to figure out where to put one in my house! A perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We would not usually consider ourselves 'pink people', but your images today are absolutely lovely and may convert us. Peonies are amongst our favourite flowers and they look delicious here in combination with the chartreuse roses.

Things That Inspire said...

You are not going to believe this, but I have been collecting Karen's paintings for many years - ever since she was my oil painting instructor in Atlanta! I think that must have been 6 or 7 years ago. I wish I could have afforded to buy more paintings way back when, but I have a nice little collection that I will feature when I move into the new house - we are trying to decide the perfect place to hang them!

The French Tangerine said...

TTI- Am so looking forward to seeing your collection of paintings and many more things in your new home!