Apr 20, 2011

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Book club comes once a month... whether I've read the book or not.  Usually a welcome respite to a busy week... just a group of old girlfriends catching up with wine, delicious snacks, (often gourmet meals as it was tonight) and a quick book discussion.  (When I say old girlfriends, I am obviously referring to the fact that we have been girlfriends for a very long time...)  The story of our lives, our personal trials and tribulations over the years, would make a warm and wonderful book of its own. Our friendships run deep and our stories are drama-filled, laughter and tears included.  We are like a family with characters and personalities aplenty.  We have supported one another through the good and bad, and all this past that we've shared together and have stored in ourselves, permeates the house of book club when I arrive.  It's a feeling of comfort and warmth and happiness.  
Ann, tonight's hostess entertains with effortless style.  She is a collector of many things, has a knack for finding the newest and the coolest, and has lots of fun and adventure in her future.... LOTS! 
Look how charming her home is... I love the colors of these walls - that pale pink is such a warm, soothing color and is picked up beautifully in the portrait of her adorable children.  And the geranium is spectacular in the dining room.

 As I was snapping photos, Ann would disappear momentarily only to return with another piece of white milk glass... one of her many collections aforementioned. White piece after white piece would appear... Take a photo, another piece, take a photo, another piece, and so on... It made for quite the charming look and was so appropriate with her Easter themed table.  Read about milk glass HERE and HERE.
Of course, a fire was absolutely necessary due to the ridiculous weather... ridiculous I tell you.  And that painting is of Ann's home in South Carolina!  Her builder (in SC) commissioned a local painter to paint this for her as a kind gesture for allowing him to build her home.  This is the sort of thing they do in South Carolina... house painting, gift giving... Let me share this little tidbit with you... There is a woman, the biscuit woman, who makes biscuits with ham inside, stores them in her freezer, and hangs out in her kitchen waiting for stoppers by to pop in unannounced to pay, honor code style, for frozen biscuits wrapped in tinfoil!  It's like straight off the Andy Griffith show!  I can assure you, we did not pass this opportunity up, and as a new customer and from out of town, I also received a FREE coffee cake!  Or some kind of dessert-like pastry breakfast thing... apparently, the food is not the memorable part of the experience.  But God love the woman!  She is at least 110 years old, about 4' 10" and she just cooks all day for the love of it with her back door open and a box of money sitting by the freezer! Or icebox I should say, as this particular model was a bit outdated and I'm not entirely sure it would be classified as a freezer per se. 

So, back to Ann's home, can I please tell you how amazing that Inspired Home edition is going to be?  SO AMAZING! You can look forward to that showing up this summer.  I will certainly be looking forward to that.  I have definitely decided I want to retire to South Carolina in 3-5 years.  
Dream. On.

Love this little pair of paintings at the beach... charming.
 The cow painting = my favorite.  
A nice book discussion ended the evening.  I did not read the book this month as I have, "fallen down the rabbit hole of blogging" as quoted by Ann, who quoted Patricia, another blogger.... and indeed I have.  I am so enjoying it!  
Our book club is a little like therapy. Not being judged or having to put on airs is calming.  Popcorn or peanuts or nothing at all could be served, (truth be told, no wine might cause a slight stir) un-showered and in sweats, or all gussied up, the book read or not, we are welcomed and loved for who we are. ... definitely something to look forward to each month!

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A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

I love her use of milk glass-- I have several pieces too and just keep getting more:) Oh, I saw some bamboo flatware in one of the pics-- loved it! Take care, Caroline