Apr 25, 2011

~ new hampshire

A visit to New Hampshire over the weekend allows me to share this post with photos of New England homes and other historic structures. The towns of New Hampton, Exeter, and Portsmouth are each charming and full of history.  
If the photos appear cold and cloudy, it's because it was cold and cloudy! It was ridiculously cold for the lacrosse game on Saturday (35 degrees).. and after an inch of snow fell that morning, the steady rain was a welcome change... I think it's fair to say the weather was miserable! 
Thank goodness, the days on either side were considerably warmer and dry.  We so enjoyed the history, the scenery, seeing old friends and spending time together... a wonderful family weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I love that area. I am guessing that we are not too far away from one another! xo

Acquired Objects said...

You were in my state and didn't stop by to say hello? Yes I know our weather is less then desirable sometimes but look at all our beauty!

pve design said...

I love New Hamsphire - for the cold and for the crisp lines. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos.