Apr 21, 2011

~ pretty in peach

Peach is the new pink... such a charming spring color.  
These warm hued tulips in baskets with easter grass are an appropriate festive mix, especially with the addition of the jellybeans! 
Is this not the perfect dress for Sunday?  Or any day!  I would love to wear this exact dress.... what a timeless classic!

Just learned about this special wallpaper from Mrs. Blandings.  Apparently, Gracie is famous for these exquisite hand painted Chinese scenic panels.  In the above example, each panel is 36" by 10' with the design height being 7'6".  The designs are stunning.  The price tag made me suck in a pretty large amount of air... The example above is listed on their website for $1,275 per panel.  Now, I'm thinking one might do this "scene" on only one wall in a dining room with great effect, but several panels will still be needed, and this doesn't include labor, etc. As Mrs. Blandings has pointed out, a similar look can be attained with careful and quality stenciling with a significant cut in cost.
A family run business in NYC established in 1898, the showroom features select Chinese and Japanese antique furniture and accessories, but hand painted wallpapers like this one are Gracie's signature product line. Visit the Gracie website to read about their story and see some of their products HERE.  

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Have a peachy Thursday!

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Acquired Objects said...

I can't handle pink but peach I love especially with more orange in it, simply beautiful! Love the peach easter table spread.