May 1, 2011

~ antique globes

I first discovered miniature antique globes on Cote de Texas... Joni has a wonderful collection!  I have searched for them online but haven't had much luck... 
I get all excited when I find one, only to find out they are housed in a museum or are outrageously priced...   Take a look.
I also found some photos of globes on Pinterest- not for sale...
(used in my blog header)

Back to Joni from Cote de Texas... Here, you can see the collection of small globes on her book shelves... this may be an older photo because I think she has a barometer on the wall to the right now.. she moves things around a lot!
Look at the larger globe on the table... she talks about this globe HERE in a post about Bonny Neiman, an antiques dealer.  I really fell in love with that one... the color is awesome!
Since I have absolutely no problem copying, I promptly checked the Bonny Neiman website to see if, by some miracle, she had another globe. To my surprise, 1) She had another one, 2) It was identical to the one Joni has, and 3) It was affordable!  Needless to say, it was in my hands a few days later. I LOVE the addition to my study!  
I have plenty of room on the upper shelves for a small collection of miniature globes on stands... The search continues!
This is what blogging is all about: Taking inspiration to reality... (successful copying for total satisfaction!)  
Thanks Joni, for the inspiration!

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Acquired Objects said...

I love globes and have two antique ones but because of their cost I'm not likely to get a big collection ...husbands just don't get it! Love your new/old one and may you find many more!

Mona Thompson said...

Love globe collections as well. In the past we've had several in the shop, but none right now. Will let you know if we come across any. I enjoyed visiting with you today. Mona

classic • casual • home said...

My daughter just got an antique globe at a flea market in can put your daughter on the further your collection :)

Cote de Texas said...

hi!!!! just saw this! thank you so much for the shout - out - much appreciated.

i love bonnie's site. i think she is really reasonable and has great globes too!

thanks again soooo much,

Cote de Texas said...

btw - the barometer is in my dining room - where it belongs. it's too dressy to the family room, ha!!!! loved this post so much.


Kyle said...

I know this is an old post but I just love your
decorating with globes, i have been a serious collector of globes for awhile, and never tire of display ideas, thank you!! Kyle