May 29, 2011

~ greenwich

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Greenwich. I forced my mom to meet me against her will. She loves her new home in Winter Park, FL and will probably never leave again. She was freezing the entire weekend and our hotel didn't have diet coke... a major travesty.

Here are some highlights from the trip:
First, we drove around in our rental in search of beautiful homes, (my favorite thing to do) and we were not disappointed.

My good friend Ann (yes, the one with the inspired home) lived in 3 homes in Greenwich and we had the addresses plugged in our magical navigation unit.... Oh how I love those things. This was the ticket to finding beautiful homes in lovely neighborhoods... 

This was Ann's last home in Greenwich... SO beautiful! I wasn't able to get a good shot of the first two due to gates and possible homeowners in the front yard... too embarrassing!

Next, Eddie Ross was as charming as expected, and the Pop-up Shop event was fantastic. Love the pink sugar rims...

 The best part of the day was meeting two of my favorite bloggers! 

Here's what I brought home.
A glass container for forks and such,

 a charming gold rubbed bowl, 

a silver leaf tray,

and this glass bowl... I loved the rim - look at the shadow!

After Eddie Ross, we continued our shopping experience.
Charming store fronts abound...

Home stores are aplenty...

 This flower shop was amazing...

 Check out this chandelier!

Our hotel, despite the lack of diet coke (nearly a deal-breaker) did have some charm to offer...

The location was primo... right down the street from Greenwich Avenue and on the water with a beautiful view. We walked to a charming restaurant for dinner both nights, and I had the most delicious halibut I think I've ever had.

The best part was spending time with my mom. Despite the diet coke situation, I know she loved being with me too. After all, I am her favorite daughter! (I'm sure both my brothers would agree...)

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Fabiana said...

Love your wonderful treasures! How FUN!!

The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

Fantastic coverage on Greenwich!!!!! We almost moved there 8 years ago, in fact were in contract on a beautiful home there but I was the one still feeling unsure and when the engineers report came back with some serious issues it was an omen to me that it wasn't the right move. So we stayed in our neck of the woods, but I am still not far away...and have friends there and used to have family there and love love love it. The town, restaurants, shops, everything is so sophisticated but self contained and wonderful, done in the best of taste as you well exemplified. I laughed at the travesty of no "diet coke" that could be a major issue for me too:) Isn't house looking the BEST? I could do it all day long, did you go to back country/Conyers Farm area? Thats a beautiful spot too. Looks like you had a blast, great pics on Eddie Ross event too, I had a function to go to that day but so wanted to go...looks like such fun.

Hamptontoes said...

So wonderful to meet you! You have accurately portrayed beautiful Greenwich, which is where Eddie grew up! Greenwich is my favorite town in the country! I looked for you at the lunch spot, but did not see you. Stacey (Quintessence)and I went there after grabbing our Eddie finds. You got some great stuff, the rim on that dish is fabulous! Your mother is a gem for tagging along with you, not to mention she is so chic!

Splenderosa said...

Beautiful post! Great photos too.
One of my friends has a huge beautiful home right on the water, just for weekends you know. A beautiful place in America. I adore your mother, we must be 2 of a kind. xx's

pretty pink tulips said...

I can't believe how far you came!!! It was so wonderful to meet you in person, and your mom!!! I love seeing Greenwich through your fresh eyes. It is a beautiful town and it looks like you uncovered every inch of it.

xoxo Elizabeth

La Dolfina said...

I'm soooo jealous!
Next time I'm coming with my Mom :)
Great post!!