May 11, 2011

~ harrison howard

Yesterday was such a lucky day. I discovered Harrison Howard.  I received an email from a friend instructing me to go to  I spent a good segment of my evening staring in awe at these enchanting and whimsical and beautiful paintings.  I knew in an instant my next post would feature an inspired artist. After searching a bit more on the website, I discovered I would not be the first to post about Harrison Howard. I just entered the blogging world only a few months ago and I just missed a Cote de Texas giveaway of a Harrison Howard print! How I have not heard of Mr. Howard until now I cannot figure, but thank goodness another day will not pass without Harrison Howard in it! There is quite a bit of information about Mr. Howard and his artwork featured in many of my favorite blogs. Past posts include The Peak of Chic here and here, Annechovie here, Chinoiserie Chic here, Absolutely Beautiful Things here, and Cote de Texas here.  For goodness sake, visit his website here and see for yourself his magical collection.  In preparation, you should have a fair amount of time set aside. You see, as you go through the categories, each is more enchanting than the last...  and when you go through for a second time and begin to notice the fantastic imaginative details, you may become reasonably captivated and perhaps spellbound, and may not be able to pull yourself from the computer.  I only left mine to search for empty wall space... Here's a taste...

Almost Home

 The Two Workmen

 The Rider

 Two Gardeners Watercolor

Watering Time

 Net Mending

 The Dowry

The Water Server

 The Green Angaria

 The Red Lion's Paw

Yellow Tree Snails with Red Coral

 Shells by the Sea

 Shells with White Coral

The Red Thorny Oyster

Flower and Shell People

The Looking Glass

Garden Work

Outdoor Interior Scene

The Greeting

Asleep in the Woods

The Green Folly

Aren't they truly magical?  I am in awe.  I know my friend Ann will love the Chinoiserie (and the shells)... I know my mom will love the shells... I love them all!  As I read through all the posts I missed about Harrison Howard, I was impressed by his humility and his character. So many compliments and I can confirm, all well-deserved.  I emailed Mr. Howard to make sure I was in the clear to include images of his paintings in a post.  I received a response a short time later, and bless his heart, he had read through my entire blog... back to the beginning!  What an absolutely dear and genuine person. I look forward to finding the perfect spot for one of these treasures... or a collection.  Joni from Cote de Texas created this mosaic of four watercolors from the Chinoiserie series.
And this mosaic of four water colors from the Shell series.
Thank you Kyle, for introducing me to this inspiring artist! Harrison Howard is truly an inspired artist.

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Splenderosa said...

Oh my goodness, I just love the shell series. Absolutely delightful work. xo's

Veronica said...

Fantastical gasp of pleasure at the whimsy and detail!