Jun 30, 2011

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Last week, as you know, I helped a friend move or "finish moving" really, into her new home in Habersham. This inspired home post is the last in a series of low country posts done this week with Savannah, Beaufort, and Habersham preceding.
As a reminder, here's what Ann's house looks like on the outside...

As previously mentioned, Ann spent an entire year planning the details for this house. She was inspired by similar homes in the historic Beaufort neighborhoods, did extensive research gathering tons of ideas along the way, and the result is a well thought out stunner. 
Of course, she knew to paint the ceilings a beautiful light blue on the porch, as anyone who lives in the low country would know to do. But she continued the trend inside as well achieving a clean and crisp result, without sacrificing warmth. I love details in a home that you may be aware of subconsciously, but don't necessarily pinpoint them until they are pointed out. For instance, notice the "X" design on the second story railing at the front of the house. This theme is repeated inside the house ~ on the mantel, over the doors, on the kitchen cabinets ~ yet it's subtle. In fact, I had taken all of these details in, but when Ann mentioned the repeat, it was a bit of a surprise.

So, a little background before we begin this inspired home story... Ann has been moving for a couple years... gradually. She moved select items to this home when it was finished being built and purchased new pieces as well. In fact, when I visited last year, this home seemed to be fully furnished with beds in every room, books on the shelves, dining room table and chairs, living room and family room furniture all in place. However, this final move still required an 18 wheeler full of family belongings and collections, some of which will be featured in her shop, Pearls Before Noon, opening this Fall. Many or most of the trucks contents found a special place in this Habersham home. After all, this is what makes our houses our homes... our recognizable belongings, our memories, our things.

With that, here are some before shots of the main room, the center of the home. The balcony goes all the way around the second floor with french doors opening to a porch. Her Steinway piano had an appointment with Mr. Crane the next day to be lifted and brought through said french doors by way of said porch... quite a feat!
Below is a view from the front door with the kitchen straight ahead, the family area to the right and living room to the left. The kitchen is so awesome. It has a "working" kitchen to the left which is basically a second kitchen to keep anything not "pretty" out of the main room. I LOVE THAT IDEA! I'm so weird about having everything neat all the time... a great solution for this neurotic, behavioral disorder.
Also, notice the chairs... we upgraded those after the delivery.
Here's a view of the living room. French doors on each side of fireplace lead to a wonderful screened in porch. The door to the right leads to an office.
Here's a better view of kitchen number one and kitchen number two... and the stools are the "before" version... Wait until you see the new stools!
More living room...
See what I mean, fully furnished, right? 
View of the family area... Notice the X shape over the front door...

Living room...

Now, Ann has accumulated over the years, a pretty extensive or what I like to call Extremely Large collection of collections.
Let's start with Majolica, shall we?

There's more. There is actually an entire cabinet full of majolica and other assorted teapots... that's another collection I never got around to photographing. (Remember, we were actually moving and working our tails off!)
Let's move on to Tole Trays. I actually witnessed quite a bit of this collecting myself. When Ann becomes fascinated with something, that something seems to turn up here, there and everywhere. The tray fascination began just a short time ago... Check out this fantastic collection!

There's more. But we must keep moving! There's too much to see. Similar to the tole trays are the tea canisters, also a newer obsession. Oh, how Ann loves her tea canisters... Here are a few...

I actually got a couple tea canisters myself last time I was here because I thought Ann's were so charming on her kitchen counter!
Moving on... Let's do Staffordshire!

Ann's new home has more of a West Indies influence than her previous homes resulting in a significant increase in the presence of bamboo and rattan. See for yourself...

The new stools!!

Can I please tell you something? There's more. A lot more. I'm cutting myself off at 20 images... you get the idea.
Ann has been collecting shells for years. Vacationing in the Outer Banks with her family, shells were a constant theme for summer projects and have consistently made an appearance in her home. Now, more than ever.

These are hurricane crosses, meant to protect from, well, hurricanes. Ann is so creative and talented. She has "shelled" mirrors, hurricane crosses, boxes, you name it.

Ann didn't even know she had a dog collection... 
Someone once commented on my Jay Strongwater frame collection... I hadn't even considered it. Several were gifts through the years, and I may have picked up a couple, but put together, they do make a nice collection!

You may remember my post on boxes (here) Ann has her fair share of boxes...

We haven't even been upstairs! Again, I want to remind you of the work that was going on behind the scenes, not visible in these photos. I've gotten pretty talented when it comes to cropping out ladders, boxes, and ginormous piles of packing paper and random items in complete disarray. 

On the way to the airport, we realized I hadn't even photographed the Master Bedroom which is just stunning! With soft blues and an Audobon bird theme, it couldn't be more soothing and gracious. Another post...

I really loved the boys room.
 And remember, this is before we moved in the contents of the 18 wheeler... 

 Well look what we have here, another tray...

After we unpacked, Ann remembered these absolutely wonderful shams. I am not sure how she could have forgotten them because I can't imagine forgetting them, ever. I wish I could do my entire family room in this fabric... curtains, throw pillows, kitchen chairs, you name it. I am full-on obsessed! (If anyone knows who makes it, let me know!)
A definite step in the rich and sophisticated direction, don't you think? The red plaid pillows were donated to her son who is currently decorating his crib... perfect.
Another significant adjustment we made was the switch from this print... (with the soldier in front)
To this incredible mirror! I didn't mind soldier guy, but the mirror is wow!

Take a gander from the balcony... a beautiful view.
The ginger jars were a lovely addition after some more unpacking, as were the Hepplewhite chairs! They really made a significant impact... I wish I would have paid more attention to getting a shot of this chair change... a major improvement!

Oh! The beautiful paintings!

Here's the painting that was over the kitchen mantle when we arrived... charming.
We switched to this...

I am in love with that cow painting... I always have been. Casual elegance... 

Just a few more images...

 Notice the X shape on the cabinets! And even more majolica...

I love the blue and white mixed in... (and there's another bamboo piece!)
See the X shape on the mantle?

Wouldn't it be fun if I did a post when Ann opens her new shop? Believe me when I say, yes. Yes, it would.
A really big thank you to Ann for letting me share her beautiful things! I typically sense some concern when I'm photographing an inspired home, and a bit of insecurity about posting one's personal space... especially for non-bloggers. Ann has a beautiful home with beautiful things, but in no way does this sum her up as a person. She is an avid reader, movie goer and lover of music. She is a wonderful friend and a devoted mother. She appreciates beautiful things like many of us do, but they do not consume or define her. It's hard for people to imagine that their home might inspire someone else... That's what we're all about here at The French Tangerine!  Exploring. Sharing. Inspiring.

Ann has several inspirational quotes framed in her home. One of her favorites is perfect for this post... and all inspired home posts!

"That which we elect to surround ourselves with becomes the museum of our soul and the archive or our experiences." 

(Although many believe this was quoted by Thomas Jefferson, an appropriate and likely quote from such an avid collector, it has not been documented as a fact.)

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