Jun 27, 2011

~ beaufort

Beaufort, SC is the next stop in the low country series this week. If you missed yesterday's post on Savannah, the first post in this series, you can catch up here.
After the truck was unloaded, many boxes were unpacked, and the movers drove away, needless to say, we were exhausted. However, we felt that we'd accomplished enough to justify a quick escape from the moving scene... and what an escape it was!
First stop, lunch. Wren is a great little hip neighborhood bistro and bar... love the chalkboard!

Next stop, M. What a wonderful shop! M also has a smaller store in Habersham. (next low country post)
Beautiful butterflies and Trina Turk pillows...

 Loved this mirror!

 Isn't this a great coffee table?

 Totally want one of these spires!

 The coffee table again... it's a pigeon basket!

It was a super hazy day... very humid. Luckily, we had the top down in the convertible so I could snap photos while driving. The neighborhoods are spectacular!

Gas lanterns are everywhere! I fell in love with that idea  in Atlanta a few years ago... This isn't something you see very often in Omaha... SO charming!

Check out this garden... really incredible! You can almost see the haze...

You can start to get an idea about how spectacular the trees are... really spectacular. 

Some of the trees resemble something from Disney World or Harry Potter... The branches have minds of their own and sprawl out every which way... and the moss... wow.

Look at the fern growing from the branch that touches the ground!

We started moving a little faster since the thick moist air was turning into actual raindrops. (reminder: top is down)

Looks like straight out of a Pat Conroy novel doesn't it? 
This is about when the ginormous raindrops started... which meant the top went up, no more photos, (boo) and back to Habersham, the next stop on the low country ride...

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The enchanted home said...

What gorgeous images!!!! Makes me want to jump in the car this very minute and head south for a fun filled eye candy of a road trip. (which I incidentally do plan to do when I head down to VA to visit my parents in August) Charleston and Beaufort ironicaly being 2 places I would love to visit, the gas lanterns and moss covered limbs are just stunning. LOVE the decor of Wren and the shopping looks very promising!!

Karena said...

Stunning images. I have always wanted to visit this wonderful spot!!

Love that mirror, wow! The setting of such lush landscaping and tees is amazing!

Art by Karena

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Karena said...

Wow....such beautiful country...not to mention the homes...thanks for sharing Habersham with us...that's my favorite...Karena from "A Loblolly Life"