Jun 23, 2011

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You may remember my mention of Cote de Texas in past posts. I have linked to Joni's blog more than once, and shared one particular item of obsession, which I unabashedly copied from Joni, an antique globe. (You can read that post HERE) Upon closer examination of the photos of her globe and her home, I noticed more than one resemblance. In fact, the list of similarities between Joni's and my house has grown quite long.
In addition to the obvious (our love of all things french) we are both fans of Carol Glasser and Dan Carithers and Harrison Howard. But I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you a collection I've created of common things Joni and I have in our homes... Some are totally copied (by me) however, there are many that are coincidental... I swear!
So here's the globe copy. I actually called the exact store Joni acquired hers from, Bonny Neiman, and was lucky... they had another... almost identical.

Jan's globe

Joni's globe

I happened to notice, this corner looks like the room where I put my globe!

Jan's corner

Joni's corner

If you look closely, can you see the knobs on Joni's cabinets? I have the round version in my globe room, while Joni has this other charming shape... Well, guess what? I have that same charming shape in my master bath! (Picked them out over ten years ago... total coincidence!)

Jan's knobs

Joni's knobs in her den (that's what I named this room)

Joni also has these knobs in her kitchen

And so do I! (on my fridge/freezer)

In the same den space, notice Joni's barometer. Now, as previously reported in a post on barometers, I had been looking for a barometer on my own for years. But look at the one I ended up with.... pretty darn similar.

Joni's barometer

Jan's barometer

Totally copied the marble grapes seen in this photo... also from Bonny Niemann... Mine are smaller, but I love them!

Joni's grapes 

 Jan's grapes

Also, notice the gate table the grapes are sitting on... 

Joni's gate table

I inherited a similar one from my mother-in-law.
My gate table

Fell in love with this basket while staring at the globe.

Joni's basket

Imagine my excitement when I recently discovered this basket in a set of three on Dovecote Decor. I knew it was meant to be! I really love these baskets... all three found a perfect spot in my home! You can buy them HERE.

Jan's basket

My little Tucker jumped up to see the basket too... he's so cute!

Is this getting a little creepy? 

The show must go on, people... hang in there...

Joni has an awesome chandelier hanging over her kitchen table... Guess who has the same one? No surprise answers here, it's yours truly. Mine is from Niermann Weeks. I think Joni's may be an antique. (another coincidence)

Jan's chandelier

Joni's chandelier

Notice the bread rack against the wall in Joni's kitchen above.

I have one too!

I'm guessing there are even more likenesses since we are both lovers of French design and are clearly attracted to similar things. 
From what I can gather, I think (hope) Joni is the type of person who will get a kick out of this...

Don't we all copy to some extent? Blogging is similar to looking through home magazines in that we are hopeful that something will jump out at us and inspire... maybe a color or an object or a fabric... I had tons of saved images that I referred to many times for renewed inspiration when we built our house. I mean, even the best of the best have been inspired on some level and use that inspiration in addition to their own ideas, right? Perhaps a trip to France or a favorite design book or a magazine cover.... or possibly, a savvy blog with style and Savoir-faire.  It's the whole point really~ taking that inspiration and acting on it~ possibly with a twist. 

This is what connects me to my readers... we are all in search of that spark, that special something that inspires us. That's what blogging is all about for me. I love sharing what inspires me in hopes that an image or idea will motivate or encourage someone else to make a move, to make something in their life a little more beautiful and feel good about it. Joni Webb has certainly done that for me through Cote de Texas!

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susan giroux said...

Absolutely Fab!!!! Love "The French Tangerine"

Susan Giroux

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan. That is quite freaky but so cool as well. I have been spying on your globe in your header for a while so am glad to find this post and the origin. Blogging brings so many ideas and I am always worried about copying, but after reading this, i think you have cured me!! Thanksxx I too love loads of the same things that you like and globes are one! I have just found the thing for my bookcase shelves...mini globes..My son also adores globes and he has a light in his room, so i can't imagine why I didn't think of it before. Thanks so much and I enjoyed you beatiful home and Joni's as well. Have same doorknobs, will show them, bakersrack etc. Love your blog as always. Fab weekend to you,


The enchanted home said...

That is pretty crazy.......you obviously both have the same wonderful sense of design! Love both of your homes.....great minds think alike,right?
I so agree......blogging is such a wondeful way to connect with like minded people and I know in the short 6 months since I have started blogging, I have opened my eyes to so much...have learned way more than I ever expected and visually have been stimulated more than I could in any design class. Its amazing!

Jenny D said...

I really like your bread rack - you've staged it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

So cute... you two must be "soul sisters!" I love her blog too. Hope your weekend is wonderful. xo

Acquired Objects said...

Just goes to show that good taste is in both you and Joni...beautiful!

Gillyweed said...

Indeed freaky but you both have great design tastes!!


Fabiana said...

You are so funny! Love this post!