Jun 19, 2011

~ captivating coral

Love the chandelier in this image... I'll wait while you get your reading glasses... I know it's so tiny, but it's blurry if I enlarge it and between the two, tiny wins.
A fancy choice for this otherwise casual looking living room with the cedar beams and the comfortable sofa. I really love mixing fancy with rustic! 
I have brick floors and cedar beams (french country) mixed with fancy drapery and a very similar fancy chandelier in my dining room! I remember seeing Dan Carithers put rustic french pottery in a formal dining room, and I was so relieved he was going to back me up on this... I was pretty confident I loved the look on my own, but I do appreciate the approval from a respected professional!
The placement of the chandelier in the living room over the coffee table and just in front of the couch reminds me of my own chandelier search... Remember? The anticipated arrival date is getting closer! 
Here you can see the similar space over the coffee table and in front of the couch, as well as the cedar beams. (and brick floors)
This is a nice reminder of how empty that space is in the center of the room! Will so look forward to posting the new chandelier photos!
Back to the tiny photo of the chandelier.
The funny thing is, those coral colored pillows are what first drew me in... 
 I do love the color coral!
(All photos that aren't mine are from Pinterest)

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Pondside said...

Love, love, love the colour!

Veronica said...

I adore the colour coral! A lighter hue in my mosaic today as well. Theat space will look great with a chandelier and thanks to you, I have now found my glasses...lol. I has to look for them before I could find them but it was worth the search. Love your mosaic!



A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Oh, agree...coral is a really nice color...great to use as a fun accent! Can't wait to see the chandelier when it arrives! Take care, Caroline

The enchanted home said...

Love coral too....wear a lot of it during the summer and my fave necklace of all time is this chunky coral neckalce but have yet to use it my home. Love the examples you gave....and your home is GORGEOUS!! Love your chandelier, think it looks amazing!

Al said...

The coral is a fabulous color, I agree. My sister's bridesmaid dresses were this gorgeous shade too. It really exudes an elegance and flair when used correctly.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Gorgeous house! I love your mosaic....did you know that Frank Sinatra is quoted as saying that "orange is the happiest color" ?

pretty pink tulips said...

That chandelier rocks!!!! Love the look and it will be gorgeous hanging from your beams.

Also...loving coral. My mother just sent me a coral tunic...can't wait to wear with white pants!

xo Elizabeth

Jenny D said...

Love your collages/mosaics! They're so much fun!

Cindy Lou said...

Hello there. I'm new to your blog and well, just blogging in general, and just wanted to say...what a gorgeous blog you've designed! Breathtaking really. Gotta go tell a friend.

The French Tangerine said...

So many nice comments! I appreciate them all... I'm traveling and not spending as much time at the computer this week, but am thrilled each time I see an email with a new comment!
Thank you!