Jun 15, 2011

~ love letters

Thanks to Matters of Style, I am currently using a new return address stamp.  She recently did a post on beautiful custom calligraphy return address stamps.... and I loved them!  There are several Etsy shops that offer stamps... some have more options and prices vary. Some examples are Angeliqueinktrialbycupcakes, Emililies, and Lettergirl.
I chose Angelinqueink.  She was very easy to work with and made a couple changes before the final approval.  I couldn't believe how quickly she sent me my proof.  The best news is she offers a self inking stamp.... which is exactly what I ordered!
Here are some examples from Angeliqueink... I ordered the second one with the little squiggles on either side of the last name... probably a bit fancy for paying bills and everyday use, but you know, that's how I roll..

 From emililies...
From trialbycupcakes...

From Lettergirl-  I love 'katie'...

All mail coming from this house just got a little bit cuter... 

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Veronica said...

Very nice Jan! Makes paying the bills a bit more interesting!



Party Resources said...

Fabulous! I may need to upgrade my mail too!

Boho Farm and Home said...

I need to get one of those too!
Absolutely beautiful...Thank you for sharing the loveliness!

pve design said...

Gets my stamp of approval!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love this post!!! I have seen these and been enamored but have't made the plunge. With your research, I think I can quickly make an order.

Just might make paying the bills a little more enjoyable!
xoxo Elizabeth