Jun 6, 2011

~ mosaic monday

Still experimenting with inspiration boards. Creating them is fun, addicting, satisfying and annoying.
A few readers have inquired about how I was able to produce an inspiration board so quickly and easily... Basically, I lucked out.
I found this mosaic maker website. So easy! You choose your layout and plug in photos from your files. You can choose how much space is between each image as well as the background color. I wish there were more options... more layouts and an easier way to move the images once you've plugged them all in. Once you create the mosaic, (see the images in the layout) you may decide there is too much color on one side, or similar shapes too close together. Moving the images around means re-entering the photos in a different order... the images are saved which is nice, but it would be so much easier to have an interactive mosaic board!
A favorite blog of mine, Party Resources, recently had a beautiful mosaic design with a lemonade theme with the same layout I used above. Check out her post here... so charming and summery!
This prompted me to search further for a website that offers different layouts... I want options!
I found Smilebox... which I thought was going to be the ticket... but upon further investigation, not so much. You can add music and text, neither of which I'm interested in. Here's an example of something I created from Smilebox... you'll see where the inspiration came from... (all photos from Pinterest)
I don't want that background and I don't want the text... and it kind of seems blurry? Boo.
So, that's what I know. I am hoping someone will be able to hook me up with a mosaic-maker/inspiration-board-creating website wonder... Share the love! 

PS I kind of like the sound of mosaic monday... that could become a regular post!

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The enchanted home said...

Thank you! I just made my first mosaic thanks to you and love the way it came out..could become an obsession as I am mildly OCD....scary! Love your mosaics too, the colors are fabulous. I am giving you a "shout out" today on my blog...so thank you for shwoing that the impossible is really possible:)

Tassels and Twigs said...

Hi! I am very grateful for this post as I love the moodboard mosaics. I have used Picasa thus far but the options are limited as well. It is great that you are able to store all your photos online to free up space on your pc, though. Mosaic monday sounds great and will get us all in practise with something new. Although the whole bloggin thing is all very new to me!!! After only 9 posts am still learning new things every day! But I have to say I am so enjoying everyones blog and my new adventures in blogland!I only just managed to widen my posting space....yipeee!
Thanks for this Jan. Am off the see what I can do...

Tassels and Twigs said...

Oi! Am back! Its great thanks and also, I forgot to say that I love your mosaic. Just did a quick trial run and have banned self from further experimentation until Wed. I agree with Enchanted Home...We will be hooked...phew..more obsessionsssss.

mwaxter said...

Hi came over from enchanted home. Beautiful blog. I am your newest follower

Splenderosa said...

I use Picasa from Google because I can post images directly to my blog from there. So easy. BUT, I'm going to take a look at the smiley place too. You're doing great! Come over to see what I've done for Mosaic Monday when you have time. Love love love

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh my goodness! I just found your blog and LOVE it! I am your newest follower.