Jun 2, 2011

~ my first (and second) inspiration board

I finally learned how to create an inspiration board!
Let me explain why this is a problem. First, I had some difficulty choosing which 9 images to include in this grid... I just couldn't bring myself to make the cuts. So I started another grid so I could include more images... 16 images to be exact. Well, I didn't have quite enough to fill this one, so I had to search... which can take hours because there are distractions. While looking for more orange (with bits of green) images, I found other color combinations that would make wonderful inspiration boards. Then I thought of making a collage of my favorite collection of this or that. The endless possibilities were hitting me all at once... I could make a collage for each and every post! I could make a collage of my dog Tucker, and one for each person in my family, for holidays... you get the idea.
I'm so glad to have mastered this mosaic thing... except the part about it being addicting and a major time killer! Why am I continually inspired to move images, add images, take away images, or alter the images in some way? It seems to be a clear indication of what an obsessive sicko I am... and reminiscent of the stressful and frustrating design choices and placement of images for my blog header. Apparently, my satisfaction is not often achieved easily. Even now, if I concentrate on my header for too long, I begin to imagine the possibilities. 
Whoopsie! I did look at my header for too long, and I did imagine some new possibilities! You may have noticed that I changed my header for a few hours yesterday. I just couldn't resist the temptation to try a few images together to see what they would look like...
Loved these four images together... but then I wondered if I needed just one more...
I think each of these are worthy for The French Tangerine. These options are a little more serious than the current one...
My brain was not finished... It thought, I could have several options and change them periodically! Maybe seasonally? I think the original (current) header looks like Spring or Summer. The new options look like Fall with the richer, deeper tones.
I have become exhausted by the potential this new discovery holds...
Through the years, I have learned that there is not always only one answer, one perfect end result.... but many. I have learned to choose one and be happy... for a while.

Things to consider:
1 Do you prefer the original header? 
2 Is it annoying to change the header often?
3 Less time designing new header means more time to post?
4 Love the changes ~ whenever ~ let the creative juices flow!

(All images in the inspiration boards are my own except the center in the first board, which I wish was my front door,  and the top left, top right, third row third and fourth, and bottom middle two in the second board... all from Pinterest, another time sucker)

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Christel @ Captivated by image said...

First thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. About making collages: I totally understand how you're feeling about the thousands of possibilities. I always experience the same thing. Searching for just one other image can take way too long, before you know it hours have gone by. But in the end, it is just so much fun! Your collages look great, love the combinations:) Your header looks beautiful also. Have fun experimenting more with your collages.

The enchanted home said...

You are funny..first congrats on your inspirationa board. I have yet to make one myself, so maybe you can do a post on a "how to" for all us incapable bloggers out there.....I really havne't looked too much into how to do them but somehow find it daunting, then again I thought blogging would be too!
As as your header saga....I do love the first example, the one with 4 pictures...its beautiful. So funny you mentioned about changing the header with the seasons becuase I thought of doing the same thing..switching it up a bit to reflect the seasons. Why not? I think its a great idea as long as one thing remains constant (which woudl be your name with the tangerine) Love all the you included!

pve design said...

I think part of what I love about blog land is connecting to others who have the same issues....love changes and learning and sharing new things....let the creativity flow! Evolving and changing is good.

Stacy said...

Don't change the header! It is so summery. Wait till fall. Your header alone made me hit the follow button. :-)

Splenderosa said...

Agree with Stacey. Wait until Fall.
Too many images are kinda busy for your header, but LOVE your collage.
Congrats. xx's

The French Tangerine said...

Thanks for all this great feedback... I am just loving my comments recently and I so appreciate all my followers and visitors!
Whew! It looks like the current header will remain for the summer... but I will be busy compiling images for other seasonal options... rest assured!

Hamptontoes said...

Isn't it fun to play with the endless possiblities? Yet, it is time consuming! I love the header with the four images, looks very crisp and clean.

Splenderosa said...

I'm already dreaming of images for Shari @ Little Blue Deer to use for my seasonal change. You know, I'm used to season changes because of fashion, and my header absolutely MUST be fashionable. Don't you agree?

pretty pink tulips said...

I'm so impressed that you picked the inspiration board up so quickly. I,too, have wanted to create one but have no idea how to start. Would love to learn how you did it.

And, though it's fun to play with the header...I love it now and would let it stay for a while!!

You're doing great!!
xo Elizabeth

Fly Away Home said...

Dear Jan,

One of the most amazing features of your blog is that a reader is that your writing and ideas are timeless!

That said (and, again, I love your blog),I wandered my way into this blog the other day. I thought of you and felt you would enjoy it too. Please scroll down the page and you'll see clever ways she built collages (three of a kind) as well as gorgeous images featuring the color orange.

Happy Reading and P.S. Have a wonderful time at the antique show! I can't wait to see what you find this year!!

xo Beth