Jun 1, 2011

~ pottery by brookes

My son is applying for an internship this summer and was asked to send photos of his pottery. I have to say, I was quite proud as we gathered the pieces from around the house. He's given many pieces away to friends and relatives, and this is only a selection of what he's done, all from 10th and 11th grade. Not included are a 3-piece fountain, a lamp, and an alligator head with a duck in its mouth, which was dropped and shattered... a terrible loss! Nevertheless, this is a nice representation of his work.
He seems to be a natural. Maybe it's because he's been surrounded by pottery his entire life! I have acquired a few pieces of pottery over the years. At one time in my life it was baskets... Oh, did I have a lot of baskets! I seemed to have moved on to pottery at some point... Here are a few pieces from past posts...
How can I resist that gorgeous green? Those drips? I love using the country french look of the confit pots in a more formal setting like the dining room table, the living room mantle, or a glass coffee table. I can't be all fussy or all country... I like a mix. 
I especially love seeing Brookes' pottery around the house... Here are a few of my favorites from Brookes in my kitchen.
 Another great inspired home coming this Friday!

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Acquired Objects said...

WOW your son has done a remarkable job! I’m really impressed by his talent. Like you said he seems to come by it naturally, what a gift he has you must be so proud!

Karena said...

His work is really beautiful. I like the ones with the bright glazes best! Those green pots!

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The French Tangerine said...

Thank you! I think I may have confused some readers with this post title and by posting some of my own pottery in addition to Brookes' pottery. Most of my personal collection is antique pottery that was purchased. Only the first set of pottery images are my son's... the second set with the bright green glazes are not.
Just want to be clear! I love it all!