Jun 26, 2011

~ savannah

This is the first of several "low country" posts for this week. Wait, WAIT until you see the fun I had! I am just back from a trip to help a friend move to South Carolina. Move? Fun? I know what you're thinking... but this beautiful home with exquisite collections provided the backdrop for a fun-filled inspirational week with infinite exposure to lovely. Combined with shopping and sight seeing in the low country, the week proved to be an inspiration-fest and the source for several "low country" posts...
Let's start with Savannah. We flew into Savannah, and although we drove straight to Beaufort and began the organization process regarding the move, we returned to Savannah the next day to pick up another friend and couldn't resist visiting a few shops... We felt this would be good preliminary preparatory work for the inspiration that would be required of us in the coming days.

Check out this awesomeness.

A delightful shop... a first stop kind of shop when visiting Savannah...

Exquisite monogram services, plus beautiful accessories and furniture! (No. Four Eleven photos via)

 What an enchanting and charming city.

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming tomorrow... Beaufort!

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Anonymous said...

I spy loads of lovely things in your shopping trip. That first chandlier is great! Hope you had fun and your images are amazing.


mwaxter said...

Beautiful pictures. My moms family is from Savannah so we have spent a fair amount of time in this beautiful city. I am going back for a wedding in Oct. and cannot wait to go, looks like I will have to set aside some shopping time. Nice trip and great shots.

Marydon said...

Beautifully captured pictures. Savannah is one of 3 spots we adore in the country.
Don't you just love the shops? Such elegance & pretties. Could get lost just wandering the shops & streets ...

Have a fabulous week ~

Marydon said...

What great photos you captured of this great city. One of our 3 favorite cities in this wonderful USA.

Could get lost wandering thru the shops & streets ... such beauty & inviting warmth from the people.

Have a fabulous week ~

Acquired Objects said...

That chandelier in the first image is amazing and are those tiny mounted boots in the third image…love them! Sounds like you’re having fun even if it is a moving trip for your friend. I can’t wait to see more!

The French Tangerine said...

AO: I thought you were talking about the butterflies! (in the third image) But, there are tiny mounted boots!(in the fourth image)
I didn't even notice them when I took the photo! Aren't they adorable? It was a lot to take in... easy to see how I missed them!

Thanks to all!