Jun 16, 2011

~ windows that shine

Each Spring, about this time, I look forward to getting our windows cleaned. It seems every year we schedule for sometime in May, but with rainy days, the date gets pushed back until early June. I love driving up my driveway and seeing those windows sparkle and shine! Just look at that reflection!
 Tucker... always in the window...

In honor of getting my windows cleaned today, I'm posting images of beautiful windows...  They may not be sporting the sparkle factor, but they sure are charming!


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The enchanted home said...

Your windows are sparkling indeed and are gorgeous as is in the interior shots of your home. Love the drapes and the colors..fabulous.
I love when my windows get cleaned too.....suddenly you realize how much they needed it! Have a great day.... Stop by, last day to enter drawing for the gorgeous Kilim bench!

Veronica said...

Hmm... de lovely! I want mine done too!!! Not a shot until the rain passes...Your home is so gorgeous!


pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, how I love having sparkling clean windows. I have kept putting it off this year...I think b/c it was a winter that would not end and then...I just got busy.

Better get to calling...sure does make a difference!
xoxo Elizabeth

Mona Thompson said...

Love those sparkling windows. And Tucker, it's love at first sight.