Jul 21, 2011

~ books for sale

Joss & Main recently featured a nice selection of coffee table books, and it reminded me of my obsession with beautiful books. In fact, beautiful books were the subject of one of my first posts, Bookworm. (here) I find that no matter how many I have, I can always use another one. Fairly regularly, I will become fixated on rearranging books to create a different look... a look that I am 100% positive only yours truly will notice. My husband has stopped home for lunch and I am standing and staring (contemplating altered beauty, duh)... Needless to say, he doesn't get it. 

Here are a few areas I've added or altered my books.

I have a book shop, through Amazon, that can always be accessed on my sidebar by clicking best books. Almost all the books featured are in my home and are offered at discounted prices! 

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Acquired Objects said...

I love books too and you have one that looks really interesting "Gourmet Bistros and Restaurants of Paris" I need to get that one!

kayce hughes said...

Love your brass picture frame!

kayce hughes said...

Love your brass picture frame!

The enchanted home said...

Good to know about your book store! I too am an avid reader and lover of books, both novels and of couse decorating and design books, I could probably open up my own mini library to have people come and check things out when they are needing something....better than loaning to friends which most of the time they dont' come back..lol. I am going to scroll back up and make sure I have all the titles you showed, dont' want to miss out on any good ones:)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You should join our What We're Reading Linky Party. We could use some direction in Home Decorating books! :D

Veronica said...

Hi Jan from another bookworm and magazine addict! Will have a peek in your book shop but its probably quite dangerous..


Kelly (Seaux Southern) said...

I with you on decorating with books and changing it up every now and then (or sometimes every week). Gonna have to check out your bookstore soon!

Mary Anne said...

I love books too!!! In fact, I can't go into a book store without coming home empty handed. It is my passion and I think they add so much to what makes a house a home! In fact, my daughter deals in books that match in color!! Go to her Etsy site which is called Livingston and Porter. She sells tons of books everyday already coordinated for home decor. Interesting concept and very successful!
Love your blog and enjoy its content so much!!
Also, thanks for joining me at Always Robins Egg Blue. (I am in a creative dry spell at the moment!) M.A. ox

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your books. Nel and Jess are book collectors too. In fact, Nel is reading about 15-20 books a week going towards her degree. I used to read more when I was younger. It's such a beautiful thing to do. Thanks for sharing your books with us.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


Books are an obsession. I love your collection.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

You have a great collection!
Bravo for book collectors!
Jamie Herzlinger