Aug 9, 2011

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Thank goodness Omaha has Allen's, a locally-owned family business, offering home furnishings, accessories, and interior design. When my sister-in-law from St. Louis and my mom from Florida come to town, Allen's is always on the list. Obviously, where they are from, there are furniture stores aplenty, yet they always seem to find things they haven't seen before, and something they can't live without. I'm not sure I've ever left Allen's empty-handed!

Accessories, lighting, and furniture, oh my! 
See for yourself...

 I think the lighting from Allen's has made the biggest impact in my home.
Just look at all the lamps I've acquired over the years from Allen's!
Most, if not all, are Chapman.

The throw on the back of this wing chair is also from Allen's!

I love this lampshade!


See what I mean? Lots of beautiful lamps.

Accessories are my biggest weakness.
I love these tulip candlesticks on the patio...

These heavy iron candlesticks were a great find... I couldn't decide which room to put them in! 

This green pot isn't old... it's from Allen's!

Speaking of pots, you may recall my mention of a pottery problem.
It's not what I would call a small problem.
  Allen's has not helped with this problem.

Boxes and Baskets

 Love this basket... and I could put a garden seat in every room in my home!

Adore these prints in my bathroom... 
The candlesticks are also from Allen's.

More wall hangings...

And of course, the furniture... I think this coffee table was my first purchase from Allen's... 20+ years ago! I keep thinking I'll replace it... but it still works! 
Stools in dining room window

Basement coffee table

Dining room buffet

Kitchen table and chairs

So what's all the fuss about Allen's? I am proud to tell you they are my first sponsor! Aren't they smart? I mean obviously, we are obsessed with our homes and making them more beautiful... and Allen's is prepared to assist in this endeavor. A brilliant solution. 

Click on the Allen's button on my sidebar to visit the store anytime!
 Or right here...

A virtual warehouse, a showroom tour, and new arrivals await you... 
Or if you live close by, stop in for a visit!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great lamps. I have a thing for great ones. Love vintage olive jars, too and those are some beauties. I have a collection, too. Love finding them.

The enchanted home said...

Well looks like I met my match in someone with a fetish for lighting and accessories!! I too can never seem to have enough and magically always find a place for them! Love all your beautiful things and the way you have displayed them, gorgeous! Your pottery is really pretty too and adds so much to a vignette. Allens looks like a great store!