Aug 23, 2011

~ inspired home... betsy

I must say, I am loving this blogging thing more and more all the time! I absolutely love going through some of the homes that I have admired from the outside for so many years! This home is definitely one of those. It's actually just down the street from me and it is so charming. I love driving by at night... they have beautiful lighting that gives the house a warm glow.

Doesn't this gate look like it's out of a fairytale?

The whole house is like a fairytale! Allow me to introduce you to Lily and Kramer. They are well-behaved, non-barking, adorable dogs, and I seriously considered trading in my naughty Tucker who growls at everyone but me. (When I say seriously, what I mean is not seriously.)

I came in the side entrance which couldn't be more inviting and warm.

You know I love that green pottery!

The house flows so nicely and feels open and roomy. Everything is in it's place and there is no clutter of any kind. Definitely makes someone want to go home and pick up their home... put some things away. The family room goes through the kitchen to the living room...

I love the Carol Pettit painting with that red roof... She is a local artist and very popular in Omaha. You can see more of her paintings HERE.

Love the drama of a red powder room!

Behind the kitchen, family room, and living room is an expansive porch where I'm sure I would spend as much time as possible...

Betsy is literally the size of a teenage girl. She also has the energy of a teenage girl. (She's not a teenage girl but she sure looks like one!) Those dogs! I'm really jealous of her well-behaved dogs. 
What a lovely home! Peaceful and charming and inviting... truly a perfect home for a darling family.
Thank you Betsy! I adore your home and so appreciate your willingness to let me parade through with my camera!

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Richard Cottrell said...

This home is charming. It has a nice mixtures of styles, textures and periods. It is very hard to mix it up, like the owner has done here, and make it work. I think she has done it well. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Acquired Objects said...

You didn't know Betsy and she let you must be a charmer. It's a beautiful home and I like the layout. I'm with you I would spend all my time on the sun porch. Thank you to both and Betsy for giving us a the landscaping.

The enchanted home said...

Tbose little pooches are too cute!! Beautiful home, tremendous curb appeal filled wtih lots of pretty objects. Love the old books and staffordshire dogs....thanks so much for sharing, loved the lush yard and beautiful facade also! Great job Jan!

The French Tangerine said...

AO: Oh I knew Betsy, I just hadn't been in her home before... She's a doll!

Lauren said...

Jan I love your blog!Keep it up! And how fun you profiled Betsy's house! Babysat for her back in the day too!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

What a charming home and such a beautiful setting. I love the paintings.

An Eye for Detail said...

Well, you had me hooked with the first pictures of the Westies! I have a board on Pinterest "Westie Sightings"!! We used to have one; I have several friends who have them; they are my very favorite of course, I loved this entire post..thanks!
P.S. I just pinned that photo!

B-Artes-Elizabeth Malvaccini said... very beautiful!!!!

pve design said...

Seriously, does she need an in house artist, I would paint those lucky little pooches who are adorable and of course the house, and tons of vignettes. What a lovely home full of charm. Thanks Betsy for allowing us to come in, not even take off our shoes and for sharing your home sweet home.
Last shot needs to be a painting. Note to self.

The French Tangerine said...

PVE: Oh! You're right Patricia! Those pooches are perfect little models for you! I will make sure Betsy visits your site...
An Eye for Detail: glad to know the image will be shared and enjoyed pinterest! Thanks for pinning.