Aug 24, 2011

~ green and white... a delight!

Obviously green is my most favorite color. I also love orange and the two together are divine... But green is pretty with almost any color... or with no color at all.
Green and white... a lovely combination indeed!


Is this the coolest bird feeder?

Yes please!

(all images except the one specified are from Pinterest)

You know what happens when I have lots of photos with a pretty color scheme...

An inspiration board I made over at Big Huge Labs...

And a mosaic I made on Picnik!

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The enchanted home said...

Love the mosaics, and was so glad you made not one but two! Gotta give picnic a try too...yep one more reason to sit on the computer longer than I already LOVE the appeal of green and white, so fresh, I also love seeing it next to black where it really pops. Always beautiful!

An Eye for Detail said...

Jan: Nice, nice nice! I too love green...well, any shade except emerald. But these are fabulous: you have mastered the collage!!!

cityfarmer said...

I'm smitten ... giddy for green

just re designed my header with picnik ...

a blogger cannot live without that website

pve design said...

You are hired! I would love any of those arrangements, and that bird feeder, those chairs, that delectable dish of fresh greens, that are "that girl" - who loves green. How do I not know how to make a "picnik" like that. Your collages could be sold as posters....

Thanks so much for your kind comments - this summer with all that I have on my plate has "harshed my mellow!" I think I have "lost it" many times over. I think we should have moved! Perhaps timing is everything....what were we thinking doing this during a senior year, and then they are off to college.
Remind me to have my head examined next time and just throw a huge party! Well, we will when they return home to a nice new kitchen and more.
I did not even cry when I left him....but "waterworks" turned on today. Wah. Takes time. But "ready" we both are for a little space apart.
sorry for my rambling does that to me.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This is a lovely post, too, and I love all the green and white! I think you have this mosaic making thing down!