Aug 20, 2011

~ laurie victor kay

Laurie Victor Kay is a beautiful friend, artist, wife and mother, and I believe it is safe to assume she is beautiful in everything she does in life. I mentioned Laurie and Charles, a vibrant, fashion forward Omaha couple who beautify everything they touch, in Stacey's inspired home post. Charles designed and implemented clever images into a corner in her home and it's unique quality is an attention grabber the second you walk in the room. (here) Their love story is well known, a fairytale told in their own words on their website. Their esteemed photography business, Laurie and Charles Photographs can be accessed online, and I highly recommend visiting and spending an afternoon perusing for your pleasure... an entertaining connection... pure splendor. 
(hint: The French Tangerine's family portrait is featured!)

In addition to their thriving business, each part of this team is an artist in their own right. Laurie knew she would be a photographer at age fourteen upon receipt of her first camera. With extensive worldwide education, it's no surprise that her award winning fine art has been featured in ART CHICAGO with Gilman Contemporary, and is internationally recognized.

Take a look at a few of my favorites.
From the Kaleidoscope Series

Football Paris
Football II Bangkok
Les Chaises Jaunes II
 My personal favorite.
Searching Napoleon
This piece is featured at Gilman Contemporary, Ketchum, ID

I loved it so much, I purchased it for my Powder Bath! It's a photograph of the ceiling at Napoleon's grave... with the added effects of Laurie's imagination and artistic technique. The color isn't as spectacular as it is in person, but you can definitely feel the power... This piece deserves to be the central focus of a room... over a living room fireplace or in a dining room. I'm a little embarrassed that there's a toilet in the same photo as this fabulous work of art, but I'm running out of wall space, and it's the perfect piece... what's a girl to do?

Love the blue...
Love the green...
Metro Vert


 From the Au Musee Series

I was first inclined to include only the images thus far, but felt it was important to include this next piece, This Wrinkle Cream is French, since it spoke to me with such strength and clarity. As I was perusing Laurie's images for my favorites to include in this post, I discovered a newer series, Apothecary, I hadn't spent time with. Let me just say this, I was spellbound. I stared at my computer screen in awe. 

From the Apothecary Series
This Wrinkle Cream is French

Don't be fooled by Laurie's good looks. 
(Reminder of Laurie's good looks)
Sure, she may be impressed with the latest french cream, or spend too much on an awesome pair of shoes like the rest of us, but this woman is far from superficial. In fact, she is quite the opposite. I was so touched and inspired by this piece as I read through the scribble exactly what was in my head already, but had not been voiced. I was moved. Isn't that the point? I'm sure Laurie would be elated as an artist, to know that one of her creations made someone think about their life in a different way... go a little deeper.

Further, don't you sometimes feel like you have to strain your eyes to see who is behind all the products? That's why I love this piece so much. It lures me in and solicits me to focus, to look behind the layers of scribble to "see" what's real and what's important. 

It's a hard thing to find that balance in our world... to feel good about yourself, be the best you can be, and at the same time, not obsess and lose sight of reality. Laurie hit the jackpot with this piece. I can't tell you honestly that I want to hang this piece in my powder room. I prefer the "prettier" Kaleidoscope Series for that. (Although my master bathroom really would be the perfect spot, to serve as a reminder about the superficial stuff!) But it means something to me. "To open up dialogue visually" is a goal Laurie has as an artist, "and also to communicate and question." To share "something so personal and secretive" Laurie says, "becomes empowering in this dialogue." 
Clearly, I concur.

This is just a hint of what is available on Laurie's website. Another series in her Portfolio I can't leave unmentioned is Close to Home, a precious and intimate collection of personal moments in the everyday life of her family. Visit her website here and prepare to be transformed and inspired in your appreciation of fine art. I am delighted to know Laurie, and thrilled to have the opportunity to share her work with you... a brilliant artist revealed.

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Babs said...

Wow! Fabulous art piece for your powder room. Very dramatic. Love the color/pattern of your walls.

Acquired Objects said...

This artwork is really cool love that she took the pictures from above. I would have never thought of taking pictures from that angle.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous artist. Love her website!

pve design said...

fine art
wrinkle cream
internal beauty
external fabulousness
close to my artist heart.