Aug 28, 2011

~ next inspired home: nina

Nina, my sister-in-law, is hysterical. She copies. Pretty much anything and everything she can possibly find that looks like something I have in my house, she gets for her house. It's called inspiration and I love it!
Her house is so gorgeous. Yes, she has a lot of the same stuff I have, but she also has her own sense of style, and of course, I think she has great taste!
We shopped and shopped when I was in St. Louis, and we rearranged. We can spend hours moving things around to see which scenario is the absolute best option. Creating vignettes can be exhausting! More on that in Nina's inspired home post...
Here's a look at the outside of her home with a few shots of her immaculate garden... She does all her own planting and her ivy is the prettiest I've ever seen! I'm switching back to regular ivy next year... I have variagated this year and it's looking dry and kind of pitiful. Nina is the queen of Miracle Grow. (Just like my other sister-in-law!)

Love this boxwood garden!

Aren't the hanging ferns so pretty?

Next post: Nina's inspired home...
Here's a sneak peek and a note on copying being inspired.

Nina's master bedroom

If this looks familiar, here's my master bedroom: Same bed, same bedding concept... different fabric.

 Here's the fabric in my living room... She's a smart little cookie, isn't she?

Her stuff above, my stuff below...

I have to give Nina serious credit for locating some of the antiques I've purchased through the years. She's pretty dedicated to ebay and has gotten quite talented at choosing which words to search, and she's committed to scrolling through page after page. If I search for an item and pull up images, if it's not on the first page, it just wasn't meant to be. It amazes me the stuff she will find... and it often seems her copy is cheaper and better looking!

From this vignette, I have the same lamp, the tiered tole, the cameo heads, a crystal banister ball (hers is bigger and prettier!), and a tea caddy, although our boxes are different. I love those cameo heads... mine are yellow. Both were purchased at The Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show!

Even though there are resemblances, and in fact, many of the same exact things, in different homes, the same things look different! Just as beautiful, but different. Lord knows I do the same thing as Nina... I did a whole post on things I've copied from Joni Webb! (here) Lately, I've been inspired by collections seen in recent inspired homes. You can bet that inspiration had a lot to do with our shopping results. 
More GORGEOUS coming your way!

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Deanna Armstrong said...

I love Nina's house!, What great street appeal! Well done.

Deanna Armstrong said...

Great house Nina. I absolutely love the street appeal of your home.

Al said...

You know what they say, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery". Your sister-in-law really loves your sense of style. She is very lucky to have you for design inspiration. The resemblances are uncanny! Lovely photos of the beautiful foliage too :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a gorgeous big home and gardens. The yard is just gorgeous.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Nina's home is very beautiful. Everything growing looks so lush and green. I'm envious because our lawn is very dry due to this extreme heat. I like the vignette with the ferns and urn. Thanks to Nina and you for allowing us to see this special house. Shannon

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Gina's home is charming, but so is yours. I love how you share your ideas with her. Good thing you don't live next door! Neighbors might get mixed up on which house is yours and which one is your sister in laws. There both beautiful.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wow, so, so, pretty!!! I love the boxwood garden, too. Very nice! Thanks for sharing Nina's home with us!