Aug 16, 2011

~ stacey: part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of Stacey's inspired home. If you missed Part 1, my 100th post, you can view it here. The first floor was smashing... unforgettable. Now, let's move upstairs.
The collections continue full force, thank goodness.

Remember the post I did on antique globes? (here) Remember how excited and proud I was of the sole globe I bought just like Joni Webb's (Cote de Texas) from Bonny Neiman? Well, now I feel a little ridiculous... I mean who knew someone could acquire this kind of a collection of globes? I like to call this room, the globe room.

Can you imagine me dying when I walked in this room? I guess you could say her globe collection puts my globe collection to shame. 
Please look at the desk.

Stacey picked up the desk at a garage sale. Her friend and painter, Bob Allen painted this awesome Chinoiserie scene... sensational.

As you can see, there are other interesting things in the room including this intricate and delicate work of art made from cork. The "page turner" below it, with a map theme, was an appropriate addition to this room.

What a handsome portrait. This was a nun's bed, found at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique ShowThe toile on the walls and ceiling is fabulous, by the way. 

I really had to concentrate on the other wonderful things in the room, because clearly, all I could think of was...
the globes! Oh man I love those globes.

The master suite...

To the left is the master bedroom. To the right is the master bathroom. This may be the most unusually beautiful bathroom you will ever encounter. See for yourself...
Raise your hand if this isn't the coolest idea ever... Family photos set in molding in a pair of doors entering the master bathroom... 

Upon entering, immediate amazement.

The round window is charm central.

Are you freaking? 

I'm dying over the rug...

 His sink

Her sink

The vanity was made from one piece of furniture... Randy Netley, who helps Stacey, thought to cut it in half and use the front and the back! Superb.

This awesome mirror has a surprise on the back...

An interesting print featuring Abraham Lincoln, probably the President at the time.

These handles are from a great store called, Ye Olde Good Things.

Is this what you have next to your toilet?

This unique collection of hat pins is quite exceptional. A cameo, a butterfly, I could do an entire post on the details of these treasures.

Cameo, ivory, and micro mosaic hairpins.

A jet glass beaded butterfly hairpin...

Antique hair combs...

A sparkling collection of miniature glass cups...  started for Stacey by her aunt. They came in sets, but are rarely found as such. Stacey has some in two's and a few with more... 

Stacey's mother-in-law's make-up bag she received for her 18th birthday... precious.

 PS Both sides of the double doors feature the family photos...

Purses new and old are kept in an old pharmaceutical cabinet. An impressive collection including fabulous vintage Chloe and Gucci. 

Other beauties include handbags made of shark skin, sea shells, and these beautiful beaded bags ~ love the top right with cameos.

The master bedroom is stunning... as you can well imagine by now... 

Take a look at those doors! God help us all.

Collection of Japanese calligraphy brushes

Stacey repurposes old belt buckles among other things into darling frames.

The Kaneko is amazing, the toile gorgeous.

Her husband's metal collection is displayed beautifully in the master.

Totally digging the drum table.

As well as this metal table... found on 1st Dibs, the greatest website in the world.

 I mean, seriously. Could the beams be any prettier? And the chandelier? Please.

Stacey's mom had an eye for the exceptional. She bought a box of kimonos and had several framed. Also in the box was a skirt which Stacey had made into this blanket. Those colors! Exquisite.

Stacey used this Chinoiserie cabinet for a TV in a previous home... then, with the help of Bob Allen, transformed it into this awesomeness by adding and painting three pieces to match! A vision. 

The inside of each cabinet door is covered in this antique wrapping paper! L.O.V.E.

Loving those chinoiserie prints... and the frames. 

Stacey can use almost any color in her home with ease, but I sense a theme of red, yellow and blue... seen clearly here...

Boy's bedroom.
The bed was made from Stacey's childhood twin bed headboards.

The Rolling Stones autographed guitar...

 Charming collection of antique soldiers...

Love the lamp...

Nostalgia turning up frequently... These are photos of Stacey's father-in-law who competed in a Monte Carlo Rally in this Jaguar.

The boy bathroom has the most beautiful spring greens.
 A beautiful painting by Stacey's father-in-law... I am in love with this!

An amazing train collection

Great green knobs!

An antique poster found at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show.

Girl's Bedroom
Color is used unreservedly in this house.

Adorning the bathroom walls, are framed gloves belonging to Stacey's mother-in-law. These family heirlooms are seen and appreciated everyday... not hidden in a bin in the attic. The white gloves to the left open to reveal the medicine cabinet.

 Hallway beauty...
Zuber wallpaper panel bought at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show

Beautiful oriental silk panels...


Stacey used her mother-in-law's needlepoint along the edge of these shelves. This woman can figure out how to incorporate pretty much anything she finds dear into her home... my kind of woman...

Moving into an old house, Stacey did major remodeling... major. The basement was not her favorite spot, and she says she "did the best she could with what she had..." I'd say!

An art room... 
(How I wish I would have thought of this... Promote creativity rather than squash the very idea of making a mess on my kitchen table!)

Look how Stacey uses architectural elements so creatively... 
These Chinese tiles are great!

No space is void of something unique and special...

Adam and Eve family tree

There you have it my friends... an amazing inspired home indeed. Stacey, as I mentioned, was not interested in having her home featured on The French Tangerine. However, with her unselfish personality, she was easily coaxed into sharing her knowledge and inspiration with others. I can't tell you how elated I was to hear the news. Not only did she agree to the gig, she invited me into her extremely busy home, last minute, knowing full well she was to pick up her son from the airport that evening. I was so nervous, I showed up at her door with no camera. Hello? I literally forgot my camera for the photo shoot. 
Stacey doesn't get rattled. She is as calm as they come. She moseyed around the house, moving objects of beauty here and there, all the while filling me in on how she acquired this and who painted that. I felt like an Art History student, in a museum, frantically taking notes for the test, making sure to get photos of every detail. I took over 250 photos and was in her home for over 2 hours! 
An avid collector of many things is not all that defines Stacey... her family, her love of animals and volunteerism also play a big role in Stacey's life. In addition to being devoted to her own animals, I can attest to the fact that she will take the time to help a friend with pet problems. As if I was not bothersome enough, interrupting her family evening, Stacey came home with me after the 2 hour photo shoot to "train" my dog. Tucker did not respond well to the "training" and I'm quite certain Stacey is not high on his list... Let me just say, she is on mine! 

Thank you Stacey!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! There are not words for all of the beautiful collections! I love how Stacy incorporates all the meaningful family things into her design.

Love this post!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Stacey's home is amazing a feast for the eye's. A beautifully dressed home that comes alive with color and vintage collections of all kinds. Its just breathtaking! I have never seen so many global infulences that work so well together in one space.
I have enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of Stacey's gorgeous home tour so much in fact I'm going back to re-read them.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful home. I love the doors with all of the photos on them. And those globes! Nel has always wanted a globe and finally got one recently. The girls room is so pink and fabulous! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

The enchanted home said...

Where to begin? Geez....makes my collections look miniscule! I cannot even imagine packing up a house like that to move!!!! I guess they will be there forever and ever. Its like walking into a mini musuem, there is soooo much to see and take in, observe, touch and feel. I LOVE her desk and need to make a friend like Bob Allen! Love the beams in her bedroom too, they add so much charm and character. I see her daughter has the "collector gene" too! A real eclectic mix of beautiful many! Thanks to both of you for sharing, this was so much fun!

The enchanted home said...

PS LOVED that door with the pictures. What a fabulous idea and way to enjoy the pictures that tend to get stashed away into albums or boxes....clever!

Julie Phillips said...

What a fun blog. I love Stacey's home and you captured her passions all so well...collecting, designing, color, art, and most of all family... oh. and dogs of course. I think we would be hard pressed to find a home it's equal anywhere in the world. Stacey has such an educated and developed esthetic.There is so much we can glean from peeking into her beautifully decorated world!

Bonnie Schulte said...

Wow!!! is a word that doesn't even come close to my description of what I just saw on this blog. I have never in my 71 years seen anything like the decor in this home. There is so much beauty and class, it is hard to believe it belongs to one family and in one house. This is truly a home I will never forget, (don't want to forget) and I am just so happy I had the chance to view it with you. I will have to go back and look at everything again, because I want to make sure I saw it all!! What a great honor it had to be for you to actually meet Stacey and to be invited into her home. WOW!!!!is all I can say.

mishebe said...