Aug 18, 2011

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Being inspired by a post on The French Tangerine is something I hope happens to every reader at some point. I am happy to report that my mom has made several purchases this week thanks to Stacey's inspired home post. She is so adorable. She sent me pics on her phone and I tried to figure out why it was so familiar, and sure enough I realized the idea was from Stacey's house! 
This inspiration has also touched yours truly, the author and editor of The French Tangerine. Here is a beautiful example of this inspiration.
While photographing Stacey's home, here and here, I was inspired over and over by her exquisite collections and antiques. I was quite taken with her front entry wallpaper, a Gracie masterpiece, one of the most beautiful parts of the home. 

Also, the Zuber wallpaper panel in the hallway was especially amazing. 

Stacey insisted that I do some research and familiarize myself with Zuber.... I can't say that I was a very good student. I began the research by googling Zuber, but once I clicked "images" I was lost in la la land as I clicked one beautiful image after another of spectacular wallpaper scenes... some were Zuber, some Gracie, and some others... At this point, I wasn't as concerned with the background of Zuber, but in the images I was drooling over...
This image I've saved for years... a Dan Carithers favorite. I never knew it was a Gracie wallpaper! I love that rustic french pottery mixed with the formal feel of the dining room.
Southern Accents

And this green...

Check this out...
One of the images that came up during my search of Zuber, was this amazing green Gracie wallpaper screen... Truly stunning. I literally measured every single wall in my house trying to find a spot for it... to no avail. So I called my sister-in-law Nina, knowing full well, that if I endorsed this product, and it fit on a wall in her home, it was as good as sold. After a few questions, "Are you sure you would buy it?" and "You really think it's pretty?" the phone call was made and the piece is on it's way to St. Louis. Can not wait to see how it looks in the space. PS The screen is ginormous - 12' X 8'!
I have just returned from St. Louis in fact, and have posts galore... 
But first things first! 
I have a wonderful inspired artist to share with you. 
My next post, Laurie Victor Kay...

(I can't seem to locate where I found some of these images... in my hyper excitement, I forgot to record the source when I saved the image... I believe several were from Velvet and Linen and possibly Mrs. Blandings. Forgive me if I have not mentioned the correct blogs!)

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The enchanted home said...

From one fellow "Gracie fanatic" to another, good job! You did your duty to help your sster in law add that increidble screen to her home, she will be forever indebted to you now! Seriously stunning.
I had the good fortune of going on a "behind the scenes" tour of Gracie about 2 years ago with the Gracie son, forgot his name..but it was so fascinating, so interesting and made me appreciate even more (if possible) the level of craftsmanship and the paintstaking hours that goes into each panel. Not to mention I was drooling over each and every one. Their work is just exquiiste, and we are going to be putting it in our new dining room, keep changning my mind on colors but we will eventually get there, somehow my husband doesn't think Gracie is high on the priority list right