Sep 29, 2011

~ the goods

FeedBurner is delivering emails up to 2 days after I publish a post which is more than a little frustrating since I work to get the posts out in a timely manner. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will scroll back to catch up on the big weekend at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique & Garden Show if you missed it. It was good. Really good. Here's what I brought home...

From Zane Moss, this handsome brass door stop... I love it on my kitchen counter!

I thought I would add this to my box collection, but I liked it better by itself in the family room... so charming! From a new Kansas City dealer, Parrin & Co.

From Sebasky & Hildreth, this wonderful altar stick... 

From Trace Mayer, this Dutch fruitwood and ebonized jardinaire... I love it with the old cricket balls! An interesting addition to my living room... There's another if you're interested...

Another Zane Moss purchase... I do not need another box. This is the last box I'm buying. Ever. Seriously. This one might be my favorite... I love the mother of pearl...

These Creil plates are from Sebasky & Hildreth. I am in love with this gorgeous yellow color and the black chinoiserie decoration... in my office.

From Solomon Suchard Antiques, this adorable french faience pottery... Her buckets are filled with salt and pepper... when you need a pinch.

This lovely mirror is from Nufangle... I made several purchases from this new dealer... 

Also from Nufangle, these checkerboards for the boys bathrooms.

I think these chargers from Anthony Scornavacco will make the biggest impact out of everything I bought. I'm hanging them in my dining room on a wall that is seen at the front door. They will be stunning! I'm so excited to see them hung!

Also from Anthony Scornavacco, I scored this spectacular Venetian mirror... one of a pair. Here's a sneak peek... more later.

I also brought home a lovely set of intaglios from Nufangle. They were framed in new, black and bulky frames which didn't work with my plan for the space. I took them in to be reframed and they should be finished in a week... looking forward to that!

I just love the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show! The speakers were sensational, the dealers outstanding, and there's nonstop entertainment all weekend! A smashing success in every way!

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Sep 27, 2011

~ charlotte and suzanne

Despite FeedBurner problems, which are delaying my post delivery by up to 48 hours, I believe my readers have finally received the post on the big weekend at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show. I shared lots of images from the dealers ~ the antiques were truly wonderful, the gardens spectacular.

In addition to the antique booth extravaganza, I attended a charming luncheon on Friday with a lecture given by Charlotte Moss. Smart and savvy, Charlotte hadn't a single note, and spoke to us as friends, calm and funny and charming. Her photos were spectacular as you would expect, and the audience was enamored with her fun-loving and easy going personality. She signed her book, Charlotte Moss Decorates immediately following the lecture, (you can buy the book HERE) and then shopped the show with a small group of admirers. Her natural charm and outstanding sense of style was not missed. 

Charlotte commented on the Italian architectural fragments from Mercato wondering if they might work for a client. 

 Charlotte was also impressed with the displays at Sallea Antiques... which really were quite remarkable...

 She also thought a Venetian pair of mirrors were spectacular at Anthony Scornavacco. (Soon to be revealed over my mantel)

What a treat it was to see Charlotte in action. She believes in scrapbooking and sees it as a way to document beauty and inspiration, and has even been inspired by revisiting her scrapbooks for new inspiration. She pointed out that our life experiences, anything from exotic travel to a charming dinner party, often resurface as inspiration. 

Saturday, the design brilliance continued with Suzanne Rheinstein. Before the brunch and lecture, Suzanne also shopped the show and took a small group around to share some of her favorites. 
Isn't she adorable?

Suzanne commented on this darling collection in Thomas Fortner's booth. "Use your antique pieces when entertaining!" she told us. She and her husband love having people over... and her husband cooks! 

 Here we are at Black Tulip Antiques from Denver,

Crow and Company from Houston,

and at Zane Moss from New York.

Suzanne was an absolute delight. She shared stunning images with us during her presentation and signed her book, At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past after the brunch. (You can buy the book HERE) With her animated personality and her contagious positive energy, many of the things she touched on during her "shop the show" experience were sold when admirers returned after lunch. She generated lots of excitement... we wanted what she liked!

Inspiration was certainly guaranteed with both Charlotte and Suzanne in one weekend... One from New York, the other from Los Angeles, each a design genius with her own sense of style and outlook on design, both an inspiration to all. 

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Sep 25, 2011

~ the big weekend

Get out the sparklers! The Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show was the best ever! (FYI that phrase has been repeated every year since the show started, and is considered accurate by most if not all...)
The weekend began Thursday night with the Preview Party, where patrons mingled and got the "first look" at the antiques with the opportunity to purchase. As a past attendee, I have learned the hard lesson associated with "thinking" about an item I might be interested in. Thinking often leads to a very disappointing SOLD sign upon returning... after thinking. Thinking is not recommended. This is what I tried to convey to my husband. He likes to think. I am required to "think" on certain things, but if it's something I can't live without, within reason, there's no thinking... SOLD!
I reacquainted myself with the returning antique dealers, and welcomed the new, all the while keeping one eye on the antiques... and, please know that I did all this while balancing on stilts. As if anyone was paying attention to my shoes... all anyone could see were the antiques! Oh my, there was a lot to see. Let's take a look...

From Jayne Thompson Antiques... Exquisite, really exquisite... real statement pieces.

Parrin & Co. was new to the show... and very popular!
My mom would have gone crazy over the mercury glass...

Loved the kale arrangement!

These gorgeous red intaglios were my favorite thing in her shop... they sold quickly.

American Eagle Antiques was next door. 

I loved the color of this interesting piece. The panels turn to form a tiered table!

Mercato Italian Antiques and Artifacts from Kansas City is a favorite... I could probably find a spot in my house for anything and everything in Mary's booth... right up my alley. Remember my reliquary pieces from past shows? Love!
PS Mary is my new BFF.

Please look at that mirror!

These architectural fragments were quite popular... and I loved the trio of pots with mums... 

Price tag $25 a piece!

(Sorry about my flash)

Linda W. Pearce was another newcomer... do check out her website... My photo selection does not do her booth justice!

Manor House Antiques from Tennessee has beautiful tortoise boxes...

Sallea Antiques from Connecticut had the most spectacular displays in the land!
Blue and white with beautiful boxes...

Rose medallion with tortoise boxes...

Unique pear and apple tea caddies...

Right next door was Sebasky & Hildreth... I did some damage at this stop... loved the barometer.

I've never seen so much miniature Staffordshire!

Coveted the candlestick. Bought the candlestick.

Zane Moss and his adorable wife have been around the block... I love to hear their stories. They love their antiques and talk about them like they're family. I have a bit of a love affair going on with the two of them... just darling I tell you.

An amazing collection of Black Forest we look forward to every year...

My heart skipped a beat at the sight of these charming french tangerines!

Oh dear, I did some serious damage at Nufangle Fine Antiques & Whimsy... another newcomer from Kansas City.

Intaglios, a mirror, checkerboards... stay tuned for that post!

Totally love Trace Mayer from Louisville. I think I've bought something from Trace every single year. This year, I bought this handsomeness... there's a matching one if you are in love. I can't wait to show you what I put in mine! I visit Trace's website often... 

Aren't these adorable? From G. Sergeant Antiques...

This was a popular item as you can imagine and sold very quickly!

Oh heavenly Father, you know how I love globes... Isn't this one a beauty? From a new dealer, Crow & Company Antiques from Houston. So glad to have her on board!

Janice Paull featured this incredible collection...

Solomon Suchard Antiques & Fine Art
I can't tell you how taken I am with this french faience pottery...

That scissor edged platter? Seriously love it.

Are these two not the cutest? Ever?

This little gal got me. The buckets are for salt and pepper my friends. How could I resist? I couldn't. She is now living on my kitchen counter and I love her dearly.

I have added Palissy to my list of favorite things in the world.

In this booth, you will find some of the most beautiful majolica you will ever see... We're talking rare and unusual pieces featured in Majolica books... 

Let me introduce you to "the rug guy" aka Larry Bergman from Coulee Oriental Rugs.

Thomas M. Fortner Antiques
So love this Fortuny fabric and this gorgeous chair!

Anthony Scornavacco
Oh dear. Serious damage done at this booth. I thought these blue and white chargers were the prettiest I'd ever seen. I also bought one of a pair of mirrors. My sister-in-law bought the other... as well as the tapestry in the photo below! Will have to beg her to share a photo when she has it hung in her living room... stunning central!

I didn't get a good shot of this pair... but I think they may have been the most lovely things at the show! Show stoppers for sure. Their website is worth a visit... more gorgeousness to see!

 I was so caught up in the excitement, my camera battery went dead before I was able to get to each and every dealer. I feel terrible about not featuring every single one of them equally. Obviously, I got more photos of things I am specifically attracted to, but I can assure you, there were wonderful things aplenty in each and every booth! 
Visit the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show website to see the complete list of dealers. (here)

More to come including speakers and what I brought home this year...

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