Sep 19, 2011

~ access to awesome

Wait until you see what I found! 
I have often fantasized about finding an easy way to shop for amazing fabrics and order pillows online... Well, the fantasizing has come to an end my friends! Thanks to Pillows by Dezign, I have access to awesome... My new source for delightful accent pillows!

 So here's the story. I recently uploaded these images of gorgeous Schumacher fabrics... Love these autumn colors!

Pretty right? And how about this coordinating tassel? Love it.

Please, look at how this pillow from the Pillows by Dezign website works perfectly!

I got so excited, I made this inspiration board! I also included an image of some pillows I have saved to reference the flange edging. The colors worked nicely with this ensemble! 

This Pillows by Dezign pillow happens to be their best seller. I can see why! You can also order custom pillows in the Schumacher fabrics I picked out (or any other Schumacher fabrics) through their custom order pillow section. (here)

I love this zebra print... a Charles Faudree favorite!
Buy it HERE

And isn't this a charming pattern? Gorgeous colors!
Buy it HERE

I've seen this a million times but never tire of it...
Buy it HERE

I've just made my first order from Pillows by Dezign... 3 pillows in a Schumacher fabric through the custom pillow section. I specified the edge shown below for trim. I'm so excited about this discovery! I think Pillows by Dezign and I are going to be very good friends!

Awesome information about the Pillows by Dezign website:

~ The website is interactive and you can try different pillows on a couch... and you can choose your couch color! Very cool...
~ There are lots of pillows to choose from that are made and ready to be shipped to you immediately.
~ You can custom order from several fabric sources right on the website! (think Manuel Canovas, Cowtan & Tout, Schumacher, and more)
~ The prices are extremely reasonable... (each of the 3 pillows shown above are under $70!)

Need pillows?
Visit the website by clicking the image below! 

Finally! Access to awesome!
Will post my new pillows as soon as they arrive...

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Taylor Greenwalt said...

Love the fabrics. Your right, they go so well with the pillows you ordered. Can not wait to see them in your home. Thanks, I will check them out.

The enchanted home said...

A good find indeed, one can never have enough pillows. Your choices are love love them, the colors are stunning and will fit into your home beautifully. Cannot wait to see!!

Acquired Objects said...

Beautiful fabrics and believe it or not but as an antique pillow dealer I actually need pillows we can use so I'll have to go check this out closer. Enjoy the rest of your day Jan!

Karena said...

Jan, great choices, I love the fabrics and designs. I heard of them recently so will spend more time on the site!


Art by Karena

I hope you will come and join my Giveaway from Interieurs! It is from the Jose Esteves Collection!

5th and State said...

first time here and i love ya already!

their best seller is in my home and i never tire of it, but was not aware of pillow by design, thanks!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I will have to visit this site. Thanks for the info.

An Eye for Detail said...

What a great find Jan; I've bookmarked the shop!
Thank you!!

Veronica said...

Hi Jan. What an awesome find! Adoring the matching tassel to bits (I would of course!!) Also loving the board yo made with all your finds on it. Very neat indeed.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I am loving the brick red and raspberry in this post *le sigh*

pve design said...

The bed pillows are tempting me!
Great spot to inspire a pillow fight......
Pretty pillows....fond memories of my sons building many a fortress.