Sep 15, 2011

~ fabulous fall changes

I think fall is my favorite season. I say that every season, but I think fall is my real favorite! Mostly because of the color orange. 
Has anyone noticed my new adorable font? You may remember me mentioning the idea of a new fall header or banner, whatever you want to call it. I have officially spent an embarrassing amount of time pinning down the perfect photos to include. I came up with several other banners in the process and wondered if it might be more appropriate with my obsessive personality if, instead of doing seasonal banner changes, I should do monthly banner changes! Am I crazy? Yes, I am. Maybe I could do every other month? That's 6 banners per year... a strong possibility. But for now, let's stick with seasonal.
So, the new fall header is in place with the darling new font. THANK YOU as always to Shari at Little Blue Deer. She is amazing. Seriously amazing. She puts up with my complete and total crazy and is nonstop cheerful and friendly... and smart.. oh she is so smart. And funny. And talented. I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever visited my blog already knows about Little Blue Deer... Shari's blog. She has such a smart and sexy style, and is the Creative Director for the e-zine, House of Fifty... We are talking about a mega talent here people. I feel very lucky to have found her. I'm not positive she feels the same way about me finding her... (I jest) I mean I do like to keep my blog updated, and I need Shari to do the things that are in my brain! I know what I want, but I can't always make it happen on the computer. SHE CAN!! I am small potatoes for this gal, and I truly appreciate her professionalism and her expertise and her willingness to help a girl out. I feel like she goes above and beyond for me, and I am forever grateful!
Also, thank you to Mary Douglas Drysdale for allowing me to use her photo of the cow - from one of my favorites of her design projects... her farmhouse. 
Thanks also to Vintage Home, a favorite shop in Napa I've referenced several times... There are three images from their website - all include something gorgeous and for sale! 
The image of the pumpkin with mums is from Pinterest... I spend way to much time on that website!

So, here's what we know for sure...

My official summer banner (June July Aug)

My official fall banner (Sept Oct Nov)

Here's what we don't know for sure... I must find a way to incorporate the following banners into my life... because I love them so...

Possible winter banners (Dec Jan Feb)

Possible spring banners (March April May)

I know pumpkins are for fall... but I just love those white pumpkins with the turquoise! 
I have more. Lots more. See what I mean? It's so easy to get carried away with so many charming images out there... I'm out of seasons! 

For now, I'm thrilled with the new fabulous fall look...

Most images from Pinterest. Barometers, french faience plate and french blue screen from 1st dibs. Creamy end photos in the first spring option are from Cote de Texas

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The enchanted home said...

Jan you are so funny but we are definitely cut from the same cloth (good or bad I have yet to figure out) I too have come up with different banners and thought why not change them monthly? So you have my vote for sure! I mean seriously, why not keep it exciting? I say go for it......LOVE your new banner, so appropriate for fall, its very elegant and seasonal looking and your new font as well! Loving the new look.......Shari is fantastic, totally agree...patience of a saint and so quick to get the job done!
Have a superb day.

Victoria said...

I love all the new banners, but I must say my favorites are the one with the barometer and the old brass doorknob and the one with the worn Louis XVI chair covered in burlap with the console table and white confit pots. I agree with Tina; change them as often as you like. It is more fun for us as well.

Anonymous said...

I love your headers. All of them, but my favorite is the summer because of the material. I am a quilter and I drooled over the material every time I visited your blog. Your headers are definitely the best in blogland. I always decide of the blog is worthy of reading by the header.
Your blog is my favorite at this time. I just started reading it a month ago.
Keep up the good work.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love all of your headers. They look great!!! I am a summertime girl, so I love your summer one. I like my summer one better, too, but I just changed mine to something a bit more fall-like.

Great job!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Aww, awww you are toooo sweet! We're a good combo, Jan! XX!

Acquired Objects said...

Jan I love your new fall banner because like you I love orange! You do such a nice job of putting these images together. If I had to pick one for your winter banner I would pick the first one with the purples and browns that is so lovely. Great job! Not you've made me think!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Absoutely love this idea. I would love to change them every month if I could, all of yours are wonderful. Such a clever gal! XO

Boho Farm and Home said...

All your banners look just lovely!

The French Tangerine said...

Always cracks me up when I post something and worry over whether it's too boring... and then I get all these wonderful comments!

Anon: Wow - what a wonderful morale booster that comment was! Thank you!!

Shari: We ARE a good combo!

Victoria, AO and RJT and BFH: Thank you for being regular commenters - They are so appreciated! I wish you could see my smile when I read your comments and click publish with a grin...

Tina: I would say you are the quickest commenter in all the land... it amazes me when I click publish and I here the ding alerting an email... oh, it's enchanted home with a comment! Adore your blog and adore your comments!

Sande: Such a surprise to get a comment from you! A treasure! Sometimes I wonder if you know I'm alive! I am one of your biggest fans for sure and am thrilled to know you visit TFT every now and again!

Veronica said...

Oh my hat Jan am also giggling its not borrriinnnggg....we are bloggers and love other crazies anyway!!

I thinks this is all terribly contageous...and I love catching it...I have been thinking about a new bannerfor Spring over here as well. Love all your banners so please make them bi monthly!!


mary anne said...

Jan, you are too much! Love every single one of those banners. I love changing headers to meet each season. Wonderful job and you are one of my new favorite blogs!

Mary Anne ox

My Notting Hill said...

Love the idea of switching up the banner. My favs are the middle two - the blue and the cream.