Sep 21, 2011

~ lauritzen gardens antique and garden show

I have mentioned the Lauritzen Gardens Antique and Garden Show in several posts... It's hard not to! So many lovely antiques from this fabulous show are featured in many of my inspired home posts. This year, they have another amazing event planned with dealers from all over the country showcasing their wares. The rumor is, the dealers look forward to coming to Omaha as much as we look forward to having them! We have featured renowned speakers in past years including Charles Faudree, Jay Strongwater, Barry Dixon, Bunny Williams, and Alexa Hampton. Our speakers this year continue the tradition with their popularity and name recognition... Charlotte Moss and Suzanne Rheinstein will be our speakers at the lunch and brunch, both expected to be sold out events. The weekend promises nonstop activities including Shop the Show with the speakers, a Wine and Cheese Tasting, What's it Worth Appraisal Clinic, and The World of Doll Houses. As if antique shopping and touring the gardens weren't enough, the additional activities are pure icing on the cake, the most delicious and scrumptious cake you've ever had! It's a weekend that has oodles to offer and should not be missed. I happen to be chairing the Preview Party this Thursday night, and am looking forward to meeting Mrs. Blandings (aka Patricia Shackelford) who is planning to attend!

Here are some things I've gotten from the antique show through the years...

This painted carved wood piece is one of my favorite things in my house... and I love it hung over the double windows.

Love this reliquary, and the gorgeous green jar was my very first purchase at the show. The jar is from Trace Mayer, the reliquary from Mercato, both dealers are returning this year.

My husband hovered over this drink box the entire weekend last year. I surprised him for our anniversary a few months later... It's from Zane Moss - a favorite every year!

The candlestick is also from the show.

As is the frame...

Another purchase from several years ago... 

Got this little horn collection at the show last year.

I was pulled to this red tiered tole like a magnet.

This statue was a big purchase for me... Several years ago, I had walked by it all weekend and barely noticed it. My sister-in-law, on the very last day of the show mentioned it to me, and said it would be so great anywhere in my house. She was right! It's in my living room, but we had several options on where to put her. The dealer, Anthony Scornavacco, will be back this year... My mom named her Petal.

Got the little round box on top last year with the previous horned pieces.

The clock is another piece from Trace Mayer... so handsome!

My big purchase last year... the barometer... something I'd longed for!

 This beautiful stone piece came in a pair. My sister-in-law has the other one.

I'd been looking for a butcher's table for my patio for years. This was such a great find! I need to do a painting project and get this thing polished up!

I fell in love with this cookie cutter, bought it, hung it, and went back to buy a few more. When I returned, someone had bought the entire collection! Mary has beaten me to several items of interest in the past.

Another religious piece, a reliquary door, also from Mercato.

As you can see, the show has been good to me. Visit the Lauritzen Gardens website HERE to get all the details, the schedule of events, the list of exhibitors and info on the speakers and educational programs. 

Hope to see you there!

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The enchanted home said...

Ugh..Jan, I hate to break it to you but I think YOU could have your own antiques store AND store!!!!!! You have so many beautiful things, so many gorgeous vignettes..what a feast for the eyes!!

The show sounds incredible and knowing Charles Faudree (one of my decorating heros) will be there is almost enough to make me jump on a plane but alas my husband might look at me like I have 10 eyes, kind of like he did last night when I tried to convince him I might have to take a side excursion to Paris to "check" on my fireplace mantles for my living room....he didn't buy it. :) So I will resign myself to following your coverage on this wonderful show!

Party Resources said...

I SO want that patio table!! xx

The French Tangerine said...

Tina... Charles Faudree was a couple years ago... not coming this year.. Suzanne Rheinstein and Charlotte Moss are the speakers this year! Not to worry... I'll try to document as much beauty as possible!

Acquired Objects said...

Wow love all the things you've purchased over the years especially that first carved piece. Sounds like it will be an exciting show and can't wait to see what you buy this year.

Hamptontoes said...

I'm admiring the horn cups that are holding your pens/pencils. They are quite sharp and yet provide great function.

cindy said...

Your antiques are just lovely! Every one of them. How fun that you get to look forward to such a treasure filled show each year!

Inessa Stewart said...

The lovely garden table caught my eye.You have a beautiful collection!Did I mention that I stared at them?Yeah:)Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a great year ahead!
Inessa Stewart