Oct 9, 2011

~ inspired home: mom and dad

I loved surprising my mom for her birthday! We are an emotional couple of gals. She has been known to cry dramatically when her children come to visit, and also when they leave. She does not mask her feelings in any way. She lets it all out. Ask anyone in the airport! While coming down the escalator, sobbing, I'm certain several people had to assume either I was dying, or she was. No... (thank goodness) just a daughter coming to visit her mom! I tend to cry for things like the National Anthem, Pomp and Circumstance, or for strangers in commercials, but my mom cries for her children.

Anyway, let's go inside...

Majolica, boxes and shells, oh my!
This is my mom's newest piece of majolica... and my favorite!

Perfectly displayed in her living room...

This fabulous vitrine travelled from The Gables in Atlanta to St. Louis, lived there for several years, then moved back to the south and currently resides in sunny Florida! 
More majolica inside!

The dining room display is really spectacular!

 Her tea caddy collection continues to grow... We bought the finial shaped one last week... an exquisite addition!

You know I love those orange drapes! These french doors off the dining room open to the front of the house to reveal a charming fountain and wrought iron gate... 

Look at that shell box!

 Boxes are everywhere and I love them mixed with the majolica...

Love this box... and look at those books! The speakers signed each book with a special birthday message at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show luncheons!

This tortoise box is from Zane Moss from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show!

This is my favorite of her several majolica garden seats... is that green not to die for?

In the kitchen cabinets, more majolica is displayed.

Another majolica garden seat...

My fascination/obsession with globes is catching... perfect for the office!

We all love carpet balls thanks to Nancy and Stacey!

Gorgeous greens abound... especially in the family room.

My mom has always been a lover of shells... must be her Florida roots... They look gorgeous in her home!

My parents treat their dogs, Pearl and Pajame (pronounced Pa-ja-may) like favorite relatives. Seriously. Steak for dinner? Definitely a possibility... "The girls" go to camp and school, and are on a strict schedule. They are absolutely precious... 
Here, you can see the gorgeous Jerusalem stone used throughout the first floor... absolutely stunning!

The kitchen is a great space and opens to the family room and living room/dining room... I promised my mom I wouldn't get our "stuff" on the counters in the photos... whoopsie!

Lots of darling vignettes that my mom changes daily...

The kitchen is equipped like a five star restaurant. They eat out every meal, but just in case, you know, they are prepared.

I adore this bed in the master... I picked out the twin beds in an antique store years ago and said they would make a gorgeous king... I was right!

The master bath is fabulous... I love the chandelier!

I had to close the shutters to get the photo, but the arched doorway with the intense greenery is just outside this window and offers a beautiful view.

This is the gorgeous floor in the powder bath... a bathroom that has a separate door to the pool area... so smart!

 Everyone in my family is obsessed with french olive jars... my mom is no exception.

I wish I had that sisal going up my stairs... So smart and handsome! Upstairs there are three comfortable bedrooms... 

 My favorite is the Lilly themed...

Beautiful french doors in the living room, across from the front doors, open up to the pool... dramatic and spectacular!

I love that smart landscaping!

Oh how i would die for all those layers of green! Definitely beats the brown fence look...

Retirement basically rocks... It's like being on vacation everyday! Picturesque surroundings, gorgeous weather, and a beautiful home put together and kept with such love and care... doesn't get much better than that!
Love you Mom and Dad!

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The enchanted home said...

Jan....BEAUTIFUL HOME!! Now I see where you get the good taste gene from!! In fact, your style is remarkably similiar both in feeling and color scheme to your moms, so pretty. Love all her majolica and beautiful collectibles, its a gorgeous home insides and out.

Thank you both for much for sharing, such a trreat.
PS. Jan, I am soooo glad I am not the only one who cries at Diseny music (when the kids are being told by surprise they are going to Disney and they play that kind of emotional music-waaaaah!!!) AND that Johnsons baby commercial, so glad they dont' play it anymore, I had no self control. Guess it brought out the sadness in me that my boys aka men are almost all grown up :(

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I could just pack my bags and move right in. She loves everything I love and wish I could afford. If it hadn't been for the darn economy I could have afforded much more over the last three years. I love all her olive and confit jars. Adore the majolica, but too pricey for me. The boxes have the most beautiful wood and I looked at some at Scott's yesterday and my oh my they cost a lot, too. Maybe a bargain will appear some day. Their home is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Victoria said...

Your parent's home is stunning; so beautifully and lovingly done. I share the family passion for French confit pots and cruches, majolica and any manner of boxes, so virtually every image was a treat for me. I am in love with the latest tea caddy.

The landscaping is perfect around the pool; so much drama and background, but tightly trimmed so it doesn't overwhelm the space. The pleached trees and sculpted pittosporum are excellent choices for this purpose.

Obviously, a love of design -- and home -- is in your gene pool. Thanks for the tour; it was exquisite.


Kathysue said...

Oh My I would say your Mom has the magic touch on how to make a HOME beautiful,warm and inviting!! I can tell she thinks long and hard before she places any of her treasure in her beautiful vignettes. Loved this tour, thank you so much for sharing. Tell your Mom her home is welcoming beyond words, I could feel right at home there, Kathysue

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I can see where you have gotten your good taste and style. Such a beautiful home. I love all of her collections.

natcalgal said...

Wow....how absolutely gorgeous. Every inch....sheer perfection! Design talent certainly runs in your family.
Thank you for sharing their beautiful home!

Acquired Objects said...

Your Mom’s majolica dish is pretty my sister-in-law collects too interesting shapes and colors. Do I spy a tortoiseshell box on your Moms sided table? Love them! Your Mom is quite the collector and everything is displayed so beautifully. Your parents really have a very lovely home and Pearl is gorgeous too!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** You have greaaat "DESIGNER BLOOD" in your veins, kiddo!!! I mean, look at your Mom's home!!!...

What a delightful TREAT to "meet" your charming Mom these last MANY minutes. Her home is so "HER"... so unbelievably and beautifully and gracefully, intensely PERSONAL... it's warmth & charm speaks VOLUMES about her, her interests, her loves... and I enjoyed every minute of MY time spent there thru these pics!

Many thanks to you and your gracious Mom for sharing!!!

Linda in AZ *

Linda in AZ * said...

*** P.S. BTW, mannnnnny years ago, as a young wife, I fell in LOVVVE with some plates I saw while we were vacationing in Europe. They were rather $$$ for us as a young couple, but I just LOVED them SO MUCH, that my Sweetheart hubby said to buy them... I didn't learn til mannny years later they were majolica!!! Now THAT felt GOOD to hear that some of the pieces I used for putting rings & necklaces in/on were REALLY oyster plates!!! Linda

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Obviously the apple did not fall far from the tree! Your parents' home is lovely, just like yours! ;D

Maggie said...

LOVE this post! I feel like I've just visited design heaven.

Veronica said...

Hi Jan Its so great to be back in blog land and to catch up with wonderful posts and I started here with yours. Love your parents home and saw some great books here and loved that botanical print in the brown red! By the way I kinda like the goodies that you left on the kitchen counters, makes it home!! And I am very much a cry baby as well... I also cry when my kids come home...all the time but when they leave I try to spare them in the airport but I have often sat in the parking lot sobbing away until one day my parking ticket that I had already paid for ( you have 20 minutes to exit after paying) expired!! So nowadays I turn on the taps as soon as they disappear into the passenger lounge on the way to paying for parking!


Marianne C. said...

Hello, Jan...

What a happy homecoming. Seeing our mothers is always so heart-felt. Then leaving again is sooo hard.

Your parents have a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it with us. I felt right at home.

Blessings to all,

Pondside said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Kim, USA said...

Wow beautiful!

Fall Colors

Teagarden said...

I love all these boxes...and the cute dog! Thanks for sharing,
have a nice week,

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Your mom's home is gorgeous!! Every single detail is beautiful.