Oct 6, 2011

~ winter park

Winter Park, Florida is a wonderful little city filled with history, lakes and parks, and my parents. Nestled among the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, Winter Park has more park space than any other city in Florida... essentially, lakes and parks everywhere!

In addition to shopping and the typical moving objects of beauty around the house, we lunched at a fun local joint in College Park, White Wolf Cafe, featured on Rachel Ray's $40 a day... 
It used to be an antique store that sold sandwiches. At some point, the food became more popular than the antiques resulting in a restaurant that sells antiques.

There are antiques all over - mostly fixtures - for sale.

Beautiful stained glass window...

If you missed my post where I announced the surprise visit for my mom's birthday, you can catch up here
My parents just moved back to Florida after a 35 year stint in St. Louis. They've only been back for 10 months, but seem to have acclimated themselves to the year round, often extreme heat, quite nicely. Let me give you an example. My mom literally said, "It's getting chilly out here, I need to get my sweater..." It was 85 degrees and the sun was burning my skin. Basically, I was sweating bullets and about to pass out... Another example, my dad wore a winter hat when he took the dogs for their morning walk... after all, it was 68 degrees... you get the idea.

Anyway, their yard looks like a park... perfectly manicured 24/7!

Beautiful magnolia tree in the front yard!

This is standing in the street in front of their house...  The brick streets and the moss are enchanting and magical!

Looking the other way... If you squint, you can see the lake at the end of the street... (remember, lakes and parks are everywhere!)

 I finally figured out I had a smudge on my lens and deleted several photos as a result... However, I love this side of the house with that gorgeous gate and the archway of green lushness, even with the smudge...

This was taken out the car window while driving to dinner, a few houses away... look at that tree with the vines and moss!

At a stop sign... another park.

At a red light...

And this is downtown Winter Park... on our way to Park Ave.

The infamous Park Ave. .. shopping and dining galore... and total charm! Brick streets, flowers and moss... totally pristine and quite lovely. I crossed the street to a park and took the following photos... 
Remarkably beautiful!

PS You might want to brush up on your parallel parking skills before visiting!

Our favorite restaurant, the best in Winter Park, hands down, is Luma. It's almost worth a trip to Winter Park... In fact, I often think my parents moved to Winter Park because of Luma. It's that good.

We had the most delicious appetizer of Squid ink Pasta with Lobster and Crab.... oh dear Lord. For dinner, I couldn't decide between the flat bread pizza which is a favorite, and the House Casarecce Bolognese... I ended up with the pasta and couldn't have been happier. (Yes, I realize I had pasta for an appetizer and for dinner... It was vacation people, give me a break please.)

Totally delish and loved every minute!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig... 
These people take outdoor lighting to a new level. Check it out! 
So pretty!
 Next post, we'll go inside for an inspired home installment!

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Fashion-isha said...

Wow this is such a pretty post! The house is gorgeous and the gardens are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

The enchanted home said...

OK I have decided we are destined to be friends. You are a hoot, about the weather and your parents....sounds like what I say about mine when they moved to VA. My mother also is obsessed ABOUT the weather, I swear she knows what the weather will be for the next month and not only in VA but every where else too:) Love her so much......find it adorable.
Anywhooo, love love love their new home, just gorgeous, such curb appeal! Love the ivy, and its so lush and so well done, just beautiful! Winterpark, looks just amazing have never been and now I think I am due for a trip! I also know we are due to be friends because you highlighted a restaurant that is about food AND antiques (two of my faves) and then the foods you highlighted in your favorite restaurant mentioned flat bread pizza..hello now you are talking and pasta...oh yea! You didn't mention a salad (yawn) or grilled fish (boooring) so yes you are a gal after my own heart!
Thanks for the awesome highlights!!

A Toile Tale said...

Ohhhhhh!!! I love Winter Park, too. My niece lives in Orlando and whenever we visit her, I MUST go to Winter Park. Not only is it beautiful and fabulous in it's own right, but it is such a nice break from all of the Mickey Mouse stuff. I love the sophistication there and the shopping is so much better than you expect. I love the river cruise and the dining. I didn't know about it when my girls were choosing colleges, or I might have pressured them to go to Rollins just so I could visit. When I saw you love Luma, I now know we have shopping, decor, antiquing and now FOOD in common. I even have a mother who wears a sweater over her swimming suit! Your parent's home is beautiful. Are you taking us inside????
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Winter Park is a gorgeous place. It has been a few years since the last time I visited, and I think I need to take another trip there soon! Your parents' home is amazing. So, so pretty!

Acquired Objects said...

Thank you for letting us viisit your parents with you Vanna they have a beautiful home and yard. I love all their outside lighting it really highlights their home. What a stunning place to live, food, shopping now if you take out that heat I'm there!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I loved your pictures of Winter Park. My son and his family moved there about six months ago and they love it. The last time we visted them we ate at Luma and it was wonderful. Your parents home is beautiful and the landscaping is so pretty.
Hugs, Sherry
ps: I am now a follower.

Veronica said...

What a gorgeous place Jan. Phew love the trees amd moss!