Nov 16, 2011

~ follow up

I am attempting to follow up and keep promises made in past posts...  First, I promised I would beg to get a glimpse of the tapestry from the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show in this post... 
Here's the image where I showed the chargers I bought, and the tapestry is hanging behind...

Well, the day has finally come my friends... feast your eyes on this beauty!
I love the drama the tapestry creates in this space! Stunning!

Second, I can't tell you how many people have asked about the Venetian mirrors I promised to show in this post
Here's the image I used to tease you... Not really, I just wasn't happy with the way it looked in my space, and wasn't sure what I was going to do about it.

You may recall, the pair of Venetian mirrors from the show were separated, our thought being each of us could enjoy the beauty of one mirror... who needs two? Well, as it turns out, the other purchaser. As I said above, I was not happy with the way things were working out with the placement of my half of the pair. I kept staring and staring trying to convince myself it was perfect. Meanwhile, the other purchaser was staring at her mirror wishing for the other half to balance hers! As luck would have it, we communicated these thoughts, and the mirrors are back together and absolutely stunning! 

Here's a peek at the Venetian mirror gorgeousness! 

You may also remember that during a special "Shop the Show" at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show, Charlotte Moss commented on this pair of mirrors and thought a client of hers might be interested. Well, Mrs. Blandings made note of this, and mentioned it in her write-up for Architectural Digest! Who do you think AD contacted to photograph the mirrors? Of course, the famous Laurie and Charles! I have done posts on the duo (here and here) and I am quite confident that I have effectively driven home the fact that I think they are the greatest. I asked Laurie to share the professional photos with us! 

Can you believe I gave this mirror up? No worries! They are better as a pair, and my space is better as well... It's all good!

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Fashion-isha said...

I love that tapestry!

YONKS said...

Beautiful photos and items, the mirrors are magnificent and I have to say, they do belong together. The thing that really caught my eye though is that fantastic animal print chair in the last picture, I love it!

Acquired Objects said...

While I can't believe you gave up your mirror it does work better as a pair. That room is stunning and love the tapestry.

Anonymous said...

Two is better than one! Good of you to give it up! The tapestry is fabulous!

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

What a wonderful story behind the mirrors!! And what a gorgeous room! Take care, Caroline

Victoria said...

The mirrors are fabulous and sooo much better as a pair. How did you convince your sister-in-law you should be the one to win the prize? Draw straws? Your room looks perfect with the tapestry and mirrors and all the lovely blue and white.

Victoria said...

I reread your post and now I am confused (not unusual). Do you have the mirrors or does your sister-in-law???

The French Tangerine said...

Victoria, she got the mirrors! It's all good... No worries! Aren't they beautiful?

Victoria said...

You win the prize for the sister-in-law of the year!!! They do look beautiful in her room.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wow, the mirrors are so pretty! You are an amazingly giving person! :D