Nov 27, 2011

~ inspired home... vanessa

It's time for another inspired home! Vanessa and Stella awaited my arrival on this beautiful, brisk November morning... The sun was shining! (It snowed the day before and it was not cute.) 

I am thrilled to share this talented artist's home with you. I have never, in all my life, seen so many vignettes... like a store! I picture Vanessa scurrying about, doing acrobatic tricks, putting this here and that there, then moving this over there and that over here... all to accomplish these kinds of vignettes... 
Let's start with the dining room...

One of my first questions, what do the numbers signify?
Oh, how I loved her answer... Can you guess?

The birthdate of her son...
Charming, right? I'm telling you, this woman is clever.

I love that Italian pottery, and the Thomas Prinz painting, (I own two of my own, Vanessa owns a lot more...) and I really love the photograph... The photographer? Vanessa. 

Another Thomas Prinz... and the gorgeous piece above the painting is a treasure from Mercato! From the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show!

When I said Vanessa was talented, I'm not talking about regular talented. She has a knack for decorating, yes, but there's so much more! As I mentioned, she is a photographer. Her stunning photography from exotic travels can be seen all over her home and makes quite an impact. She is an artist. She creates amazing works of art, often using her photographs. She is a jewelry designer.... details on that coming up.

Vanessa is the kind of woman who can pick up a gold cone thing in Kansas City, (possibly from an old table?) bring it home, and find an awesome spot for it... no problem. Oh, and it looks great.

Look at the fireplace details!

I love this photo!

This is Stella... Being shy...

Or posing like the lion?

There's the precious angel.

So inviting!

Cozy Central...

Why hello, Ms. Stella.

More from Mercato. I just featured these plates in a post all about Mercato (here). Love them in Vanessa's kitchen!

More gorgeous Italian pottery!


Vanessa painted and stenciled the walls in her office...

Some of Vanessa's art...

This inspired home could easily have been a Stella photo shoot...

Here's a better shot of the painting and stenciling...

Take a look at some of those jewelry pieces... just beautiful!

Love the entrance to this master bedroom... very inviting and dreamy!


I love Stella's guts.

Love the Hermes boxes!

Grateful for the beautiful day...

Thank you Vanessa! 
Thank you for sharing your lovely home with The French Tangerine! 

I can't end this post without sharing a few more details about the one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces hand-made by our inspired home owner! 
Visit Vanessa's website (hereto see some of her unique and exquisite jewelry pieces. Here are a few of my favorites... Especially LOVE the  bottom right... stunning!

(from Vanessa's website)
Her beautiful creations "focus on the beauty of natural materials and are a reflection of the history of fashion. Each piece is hand-made by the artist and features semi-precious stones, antique fabrics, and other vintage elements. Each piece is a unique part in a conversation between the artist and the people and places, past and present, that have captured her aesthetic imagination."
Vanessa's jewelry is offered in select shops in several locations, including Borsheims, here in Omaha. Looking for a very special piece of jewelry for the upcoming holidays? Visit her website (here) where you can view and purchase! 

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Acquired Objects said...

Funny but you look at the outside of Vanessa's home and you don't think you're going to walk into an Italian villa. Vanessa has a beautiful home and I can see why you love it Jan, all the color. Thank you to both of you, and Stella, for sharing this lovely home.

24/7 MOMS said...

Fabulous art collection. My very favorite is her staggered and created stairwell. My biggest question is "who dusts"?

Victoria said...

Vanessa is a very talented and creative person. Her home is a truly personal space -- no cookie cutter here. Her love of art and books is apparent in virtually every room, two elements I think every home should have (Kindle be damned). And besides, Stella is so, so cute.
Thanks for showing her home to us. Now I am off to look at her website.

Veronica said...

Hi Jan. I havn't been here for a while so enjoying the catch up! wow what a home.... I adore the colours...of course it is all right up my alley. Also her collection of books has me in raptures, many of them I treasure as well. Your photos of the trees and autumn leaves are de lovely! thank you... so odd that I am posting gardens in summer splendour and you have fall leaves for me to enjoy..blogland has the best of both worlds!!!



Annie H. said...

Beautiful home filled with so many interestig objects. Love the staircase and all the wonderful color throughout.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

So many wonderful collections. I love her bedroom. Very artistic and interesting. You can see by looking at her home that she is a very creative person. Love her jewelry.