Nov 3, 2011

~ tablescape thursday

I was recently called to a friend's house to see her gorgeous table for a dinner party... Wait until you see this fall fabulousness!

First, I went crazy over this arrangement in the kitchen... she did it herself!

I don't think this could get any prettier! My favorite colors, orange and green... and don't they look smashing with the blue?

We each bought this vase in New York at Takashimaya years ago... (the store has since closed.) I was so happy to see this beautiful arrangement! Total inspiration! It made me want to pull out my vase, fill those little cylinders with flowers, and have myself a dinner party! 

The feeling didn't last long... I have fall fatigue. Is that something? I think I made it up, but lately I feel like napping at about 3pm. What happened to my rejuvenation from Napa? Alas, I'll continue to admire these gorgeous images and fantasize about having a fabulous fall dinner party... maybe next month!

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cindy said...

My friend has one of those test tube vases and I have always been jealous. I want one! I loved Takashimaya too, so elegant, their lunch place was so nice.

I am also sluggish these days.We must be tired from the light changing as we inch towards winter. Forcing myself out for our afternoon dog walk!

Cindy Albert said...

Those flowers are amazingly beautiful!!!! Mother nature is so wonderful. I recently took a trip to Mammoth to see the fall colors. Some of the lakes reflected the beautiful trees, and some of the aspens were back-lit by the sun. It was magic.

All the best, Cindy

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful tablescape, the colors are so rich and vibrant...well done!

Acquired Objects said...

Those flowers and table are gorgeous! Love the mix. As for your napping think of yourself like a plant going to sleep for the winter....I know I'm reaching here but enjoy the extra rest.

Marigene said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Mary Anne said...

Hi Jan:

What a beautiful table and arrangement! So exciting to see another French tube container! I sold those in my store! I will soon offer them on line at my blogsite! FYI, this summer I did an arrangement outside around my umbrella pole with this "tube" vase and it was stunning. I could never find a container that would fit around the umbrella and CLICK the light went on and it worked of course!! I have had mine for over 10 years and also bought the first one at Takashimya in NYC! Then traveled to the gift market in Paris and found the contact there!! I am going to to a blog post on all of the arrangements I have put into my tube container, very soon! Mine is on my counter over my sink and is always reflected in the mirror over my sink. . . . always filled with flowers and I love it. oxoxm.a.


What a great set up! And the blue does give the green and the orange an extra pop! Love it!