Dec 19, 2011

~ happy holidays

Each year, I have a box out with our past family Christmas cards, and each year I am amazed how much entertainment they provide for friends and family. We've seen them a million times, but still, we all stand around the box and look through the cards like it was the first time we've ever seen them...



Both kids had chicken pox for this photo!

At Disney World...

Susan Krantz

Jonathan was born the week before Christmas 1996 - 
We sent out baby announcements that year instead of Christmas cards.

This is my all-time favorite card... I made them myself! 

Jonathan had a sucker in his mouth... the only way to keep him still for a photo shoot!

Again, Jonathan had candy to keep him happy... you can see the Skittles package!
Laurie and Charles Photographs

Look at Hillary's watch... funny.

Misplaced or ran out of 2001 and 2002... 

This is the first card not featuring a bow!

Again, no bow...
Laurie and Charles Photographs

misplaced or ran out of 2005 and 2006...




Laurie and Charles Photographs
The first card featuring parents!



 happy holidays!

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AntiqueChase said...

The the time progression of your xmas cards! Happy Holidays!!

Lauren said...

So sweet! Loved looking at your cards through the years. It's always fun to see the changes from year to year. Your children are beautiful and look so happy:)

Merry Christmas!

The enchanted home said...

Jan this is amazing! I love this walk down memory lane with your family and their Christmas wonderful that you have saved every one, and what a treasure that will be for the kids as they get older!! Love it!! I so wish I had done the same, have sent out Christmas photo cards since my boys were babies but thankfully my mother kept them all:)
Beautiful family!

Acquired Objects said...

Fun watching your children grow up. I've saved cards from our friends kids and it's shocking how fast they grow. Wonderful pictures and nice seeing Mom and Dad in one.

David & Dianne said...

How do I not remember the 2007 card??? I think I have all of these also--my precious first 3 grand babies!!!

Mary Anne said...

Jan: I love this idea! What a beautiful family! This year we did our first photo card! Never too late to start.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. . . . just love your blog!

Hamptontoes said...

That was so much fun. I loved looking at each and every photo of your beautiful family. I save mine from every year too. It makes me happy to look at them. Super lovely.