Dec 27, 2011

~ jan de vliegher

I am in awe of Jan de Vliegher, a Belgian artist featured on Belgian Pearls this September. Greet is from Belgium herself, and conducted an interview with Jan. (here) These paintings are just spectacular! I can't find a single one I don't like... See for yourself...

The following images are from Belgian Pearls post (here)

The following images are from Venice Projects (here)

The following images are from Angelika Knapper Gallery (here)

I'd like to find out where those plate collections are housed... the paintings are fabulous, but from the looks of the plates, I'm guessing the shop is equally awesome!
Greet also shared a fascinating video of Jan at work... I wish he spoke English! Regardless, it is magical to watch him create! (here)
Many of you are probably followers of Belgian Pearls... Greet is just darling! But I couldn't resist sharing these charming paintings for fear of anyone missing the beauty! 

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Acquired Objects said...

I saw them and loved them too especially the architectural paintings. Are we going to be seeing one in your home Jan?

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...


AnneHH said...

I am coming over from Enchanted Home because I enjoyed your guest post there--and then I saw your post of the Belgian artist that Greet posted about last fall. I absolutely agree with you that there is not a piece of his that I would not want to hang in my house. In fact I loved his work so much that I got in touch with his gallery to see what the prices were like. Wayyyy out of my price range but so beautiful that I am sure they are worth every penny.
Looking forward to following your blog but wish you had a subscribe by email option as that works best for me!

Anonymous said...

I love this artist and your blog! I found you on the Enchanted Home and will be adding you to my 'must see' list.

Thank you for beautiful blog.
xoxo, Lissy