Dec 1, 2011

~ trace mayer

Ever since the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show, I have been redecorating! My husband is getting a little sick of it. Actually, I'm getting a little sick of it myself. It's an exhausting process! However, when you are inspired and in the mood, Lord knows, that is the time to go for it! (I've actually made a valid point of this to my husband, and he's fallen for it... for the time being.)

So, I would like to highlight some of the antique stores I discovered while searching for items of interest for my home. I found almost every one through, the greatest website in the world! What would I do without it here in Omaha?
I tried to stay focused during my search, but often, one thing leads to another and, let's just say, I have been known to stray. I was in search of a tapestry and a set of chairs for my kitchen table, but I seem to have found quite a few other things. I have also met with Richard White, my amazing designer, to help with reupholstering and other details... he is the best! I'll share that excitement later...

So my first purchase in this re-do was not something I was looking for or in the market for... A fabulous antique Turkish Oushak from Trace Mayer. Trace has become a great friend through his participation at The Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show. I have bought something from his booth at each show I've attended. I was searching his website, (extremely dangerous) and lo and behold, this rug revealed itself to me, on my computer screen, as if it were straight from heaven. Angels were singing.
Don't ask me why I even clicked on "rugs"! I have no idea what possessed me! But once I saw the rug, it was all over. I called Trace immediately and asked him how the hell I was going to get this rug in my family room. He sent the rug on approval (extremely dangerous) and once it was in the room, there was no turning back. Even my husband agreed.
So here's the rug... AMAZING!!
The color is a bit more vibrant in this photo, but nevertheless, it's gorgeous.

Such a major difference from my old rug... which was a wonderful rug, but blah compared to the new orange loveliness!

There are a few other changes going on in this room... some reupholstering, coffee table switcheroo, pillows, etc. Details later...

Now, here are some other things I absolutely want from Trace Mayer...

You can find all these spectacular antiques on the Trace Mayer website... just click on the link below and see for yourself!

Stay tuned for more featured antique shops in the coming weeks... Brace yourself for Beauty! Prepare yourself for Pretty! Get ready for Gorgeous! Because it's coming to you via The French Tangerine!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. Lucky you.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wow, I cannot get over the difference the rug has made in your room. Your room looks like a totally different room now! I love it!

pve design said...

I love that rug! What a difference a day (and a new rug) makes!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

That is a gorgeous rug. Sometimes that is all a room needs to bring the whole thing together.

The enchanted home said...

That rug is simply totally anchors the room in a big way. What a beautiful statement and it works so well with all your colors, just brings new life into the room. Great choice!

Mary Anne said...

Jan, I love your new rug! Wow!
I had to laugh while reading this post. Sometimes when my husband goes to bed, he never knows what he will wake up to. I will sometimes work by the light of the moon! Kinda of funny! Also, love the kick a little change brings to our home, even if it just moving furniture! Loved the husband comments to this post!!!

Dovecote Decor said...

Love the rug. Did you enter our giveaway on Karena? Its a biggy.

Karena said...

Jan your new rug is glorious! I can see why you would not let it go!!

I will look forward to you additional changes, how fun!

I am having a Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaway Event! Many amazing gifts including the first one from Liz at Dovecote Decor, I hope you will stop by!!


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