Dec 26, 2011

~ yellow

For the followers and visitors who do not celebrate Christmas, and have put up with countless Christmas themed posts this month, I am doing a bright and sunny post that in no way looks or feels like Christmas, or winter for that matter! Pinterest provides a nice alternative to cold, grey days we sometimes experience here in Omaha. Yellow was the brightest, sunniest color I could come up with, and a visit to Pinterest was all it took to get a bright and sunny disposition in a matter of minutes...

Mellow Yellow Mosaic Monday 

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The enchanted home said...

Love it! Its like a big burst of sunshine and after the overload of red and green, its kind of nice!! Hoping you had a very merry Christmas, ours was really great, so relaxing and it was so much fun eating to our hearts content all our favorite things!!

Victoria said...

Thanks for the sunny post, Jan. I love the flowers, the lemons, the pumpkins, but most of all I love, love, love the diamonds. Here's to winning the lottery in the new year.
All the best...Victoria

Linda in AZ * said...

*** What a wonderfully HAPPY n' CHARMING blog to wake up to the day after all the fun & memorable Christmas festivities!!! Like so many, I'm POOPED, and plan to just laze around most of the day today... this post made me SMILE because all this yellow is SOOOO "HAPPY n' BRIGHT"!!!

Many thanks,

Linda in AZ *

ann chamberlain said...

Love it! Such a lovely cheery way to end the year. I just love bright sparkly things. Hope that you and yours have a very Happy Healthy New Year. I always look forward to your blog.