Jan 30, 2012

~ linda horsley antiques

Let's continue with the somewhat crazed updating of my family room, shall we? As I shared in this post, Trace Mayer was only the beginning... then in this post, the design fury continued at Rousset Antiques. Next, was Spurgeon Lewis Antiques in Alexandria, from this post.
Today, we visit Linda Horsley Antiques, in Atlanta, GA. Oddly enough, I've been to Atlanta several times, and done extensive antique shopping, and I don't think I've ever been in this shop. It will be a top priority next time I'm in town, without a doubt! 
So, what drew me into this online shop, through 1st Dibs, was this table...

I literally think it's the most charming kitchen table I've ever seen! My husband wonders about those stretchers across the bottom... will they be cumbersome? I could care less... but he is much more practical and other annoying things... (I jest, I love his guts...)

Then, when I searched the website for more tables, I found this one... not for a kitchen table, but oh my, isn't it lovely?

Then I saw this one, and I began to realize Linda Horsley was full of treasures, and my search continued with added passion...

to lighting,

which I was not in the market for.

Except upon further examination, how could I not see the incredible possibility of this pair of lamps on the hutch in my family room?

Extremely charming, yes? Um, yes.
I actually thought the lampshades they came with, although they were extremely well-made, had a modern feel... so I totally copied straight from the latest Charles Faudree book, Details, and had lampshades made out of this adorable Vervain 'Charles Faudree' fabric... (one of the very same fabrics that will be featured on my kitchen chairs!)

Linda Horsley is "well known for her impeccable taste and creativity" and "selectively chooses all of her pieces." I personally love her impeccable taste!
Here are a few of my favorite things from the website...
Would love to own these adorable carved ducks...

and this stunner... wow!

What a charming addition to any room...

Love this enchanting painting... 
(remember my wall space conundrum?)

And that, dear readers, is the next installment in the "crazy/unplanned-updating-of-my-house" series. More this Friday...

If you like what you see here, just click on the banner to find more... Total and complete beauty awaits you!

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Jan 25, 2012

~ spurgeon-lewis antiques

Continuing the series on updating my home, Spurgeon-Lewis Antiques, located in Alexandria, VA is the next culprit on the list... As I was perusing 1st Dibs, which has clearly proven to be a dangerous activity for me, I came across this incredibly charming table...

I thought it would be a nice replacement for the glass top coffee table in my family room! (Shown here with the old rug..)

Replacing the table would also enable me to use the accessories on the glass top table elsewhere, as I wouldn't dream of covering up the gorgeous top of the new table! I loved the size, the colors, and the crusty quality, and shipping didn't look to be an issue.. (Shipping prices can often result in turning a potential purchase sour!)

As you can see, sometimes things show up and don't go where you think they are going to go. This table, although I thought it would go best in my family room, actually looks best in my master bedroom, and is a welcome addition! This room is a bit dark and cave-like, and the table lightened up the space and is better appreciated in this room... 

In my family room, the table was too busy... especially with the new orange rug. Rather than hauling the glass top coffee table back from storage, I tried the chair ottomans in front of the couch. This move couldn't have made my family members happier! SO much more cozy and comfortable in here now! 

And the table is just perfect here...

Here are some other things I'd like to have from Spurgeon-Lewis Antiques ~



Check out this collection of boxes!

They are yours for the taking! Visit their website HERE and do some shopping... It's chock full of things you can't live without!

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Jan 24, 2012

~ mrs. howard

My last trip to Atlanta was all about celebrating my darling sister-in-law's birthday. We surprised her. It was a big one. Bless her heart, on her special day, she hauled us around Atlanta shopping. We hit the malls, we hit the antique stores, and we hit Mrs. Howard's. If you aren't familiar with Phoebe Howard, don't feel bad. I hadn't heard of her either. I was imagining a grandma's house where she might sell specialty pieces or something of that nature. Seems I got that all wrong. Mrs. Howard's is really amazing. Like, really.

Atlanta, Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, and Charlotte are all lucky enough to have Mrs. Howard stores. I believe these images, all from the Phoebe Howard website, were taken in the exceptionally beautiful stores. ..

Not exactly your everyday furniture store. Seriously gorgeous. 

Phoebe and her husband Jim are quite the pair when it comes to creating stylish and spectacular spaces.
In addition to Mrs. Howard's, Max & Company features a younger, more modern appeal, and is just next door.

Phoebe Howard's new book, The Joy of Decorating, due out this Spring, has been pre-ordered by yours truly. Mrs. Howard walks readers through some of her favorite projects, and this is something I don't want to miss!

Pre-order through Amazon by clicking the book below...

The images above are from Phoebe's blog, Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper. I love how she organized the books by color. Right up my alley...
Oh dear, do I add this to my list of organizing projects... I'm not sure my books would do that?

Click on the quote below to visit the Phoebe Howard website... tons of eye candy awaits...

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Jan 20, 2012

~ lovely leontine linens

Once Christmas is over, I remember all the things I should've/could've asked for. Somehow, I didn't think of Leontine Linens for my list this year... It seems next to impossible to decide which item of luxury to indulge in first, bath towels, master sheets, or fancy dinner napkins. Regardless, the monogram choices are exceptional... the prettiest I've seen.

I will have to give careful consideration to this matter and decide exactly which of these monogrammed treasures I deem most wonderful and worthy of a spot on my Christmas list... next year.

(all photos are from Leontine Linens website here)

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